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George Clooney Says Capitol Attack Put Donald Trump Family ‘Into the Dustbin of History’



George Clooney Says Capitol Attack Put Donald Trump Family 'Into the Dustbin of History'

Hollywood star has condemned the attack on the Capitol Hill in the US by thousands of supporters of saying that the president’s name will now forever be associated with “insurrection”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, during an appearance on the The Business weekly podcast, “The Midnight Sky” star said it was “devastating” to watch the people’s house being “desecrated”. Not Kanye West or Joe Biden, Did Kim Kardashian Vote for Donald Trump? Her Fans Think So Thanks to Her “I Voted” Pic!

“This puts Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka, all of them, into the dustbin of history. That name will now forever be associated with insurrection,” Clooney said. The Trump supporters on Wednesday clashed with police at the Capitol, where members of the Congress were going through the process of counting and certifying the Electoral College votes. The violent attack resulted in at least four deaths and interrupting a constitutional process to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the election. Kanye West Claims He Is Ahead of Donald Trump, Joe Biden in Kentucky Using Fake Polling Data of US Presidential Elections 2020

Clooney said the incident was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

“It is also a tremendous overreach in a way — everybody kept waiting for, what’s the one thing, the straw that breaks the camel’s back and it just seemed like that line just kept getting moved and moved and moved and outrage didn’t even matter anymore, even to the point of calling the Secretary of State in Georgia and pressuring him. None of that seemed to matter. This mattered.”

The 59-year-old actor believes something hopeful will come out of this “disaster”. “If this is what it takes to set us on the right path, I think that, not that it’s worth it, it’s not worth it in any shape or form, but at least we should find something hopeful to come out of some of this disaster,” he said. Prior to Clooney, Hollywood stars Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, James Mangold, Sacha Baron Cohen, Josh Gadh, James Gunn, veteran singer Stevie Wonder, Selena Gomez and rapper Cardi B among others criticised the attack.

On Friday, Trump also condemned the violent supporters who stormed the US Capitol, saying they do not represent America, as he vowed to ensure a peaceful and smooth transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden.

“Now, Congress has certified the results a new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th. My focus now turns to ensure a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power,” he said.

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Important Deadline Reminder: Vita Law Offices P.C. Reminds Clover Health Investments, Corp. Investors of Important Deadline in Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

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Singer Halsey Tagged ‘Paedophile’ by a Twitter User for Kissing Underage Fans




Singer Halsey has been dubbed a “paedophile” by certain social media users after a video surfaced of her kissing her underage fans in the mouth. A Twitter user, who posted compilation footage of Halsey’s interactions with young fans, wrote along with it: “Since the tl is cancelling white women now is the perfect time to bring up Halsey kissing little girls?” “Like as a fully grown woman she was going around kissing random underage fans allegedly as young as 10 years old,” the user added. Halsey’s Pregnancy Announcement: Emily Ratajkowski, Sophie Turner, Olivia Rodrigo Congratulate Mommy-to-Be With Sweet Messages.

Reposting it on a forum, another user wrote: “This is honestly so disturbing and disgusting.” Still another said: “Weird. Why is she kissing strangers on the mouth anyway? Even weirder. Let alone the fact the strangers are children. Yuck.” Another similarly said: “This is f**kinf weird and creepy.” “Can adults please leave children alone?!” asked a user. Halsey Announces Pregnancy, Shares Bold Photos Flaunting Her Baby Bump!

“But Halsey probably went about thinking this is cute when it’s not. These kids want a damn pic, not too be kissed,” said a netizan. A user said: “I hope y’all actually follow through on holding her accountable this time cause y’all like to let white women slide.” Another added: “Good luck bro. women getting cancelled on pedophilia seems so out of reach and it’s sad.”

Halsey has not responded to the social media outcry. The singer is currently preparing to become a mom. She announced in January that she’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend screenwriter Alev Aydin, reports

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Raya and the Last Dragon Movie Review: Awkwafina’s Sisu the Dragon Brings a Child-Like Innocence to This Gorgeous Animated Disney Flick (LatestLY Exclusive)




Raya and the Last Dragon Movie Review: Need something that’s brimming with goodness and cheerful in these bleak times? Feel yourself losing hope on humanity on a daily basis? Think Disney would one day go wrong with its penchant to sticking to its own formulae? Not today, as you should totally check out the studio’s new animated feature – Raya and the Last Dragon, directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada – a winsome film that is at least bound to at least retain more fans for Disney from Asia, after their lacklustre attempt to remake Mulan as a live-action film. Raya And The Last Dragon: Kelly Marie Tran Is Excited to Be the First Southeast Asian Disney Princess.

With Raya (Kelly Marie Tran), Disney has their first South-East Asian princess (Mulan was a warrior, not a princess), though she, like Mulan, is more about fighting for her cause rather than taking care of her kingdom. Well, if your subjects are turned to stones by something that looks like giant purple balls, then all you can do is hitch a ride on your pet – in this case, a giant cross between an armadillo and a pill bug called TukTuk – and then go about rectifying what your fellow humans have brought upon themselves.

For Raya and her father Chief Benja (Daniel Dae Kim) were the protectors of Dragon Gem, that is hidden in the heartland of Kumandra. The Dragon Gem protects the kingdom from those purple balls, called as Drune, brought into existence by dragons who were once saviours of Earth, but turned to stones by Drunes. Only one dragon, Sisu (Awkwafina) remained, and she has gone to hibernation for 500 years.

However, the greed for the stone has divided the kingdom into five warring factions. Benja still has hopes that humanity will come together to save themselves. But Raya loses that hope when the warring factions break the stone while trying to steal it, and is stung more by the treachery of Namaari (Gemma Chan), the princess of Fang Land, who she thought of as a friend. Raya and the Last Dragon Teaser Trailer: Kelly Marie Tran’s Pet Armadillo Steals the Show.

Now it is upto Raya to drive back the Drunes, and for that she has to awaken Sisu. Even with Sisu awakened, the job is half-done, as they need to reunite the stones and with that, humanity as well.

Watch the Trailer:

For most parts of it, Raya and the Last Dragon is an immensely entertaining film that boasts of some very gorgeous animation and visuals and an amazing BG score. The voice-casting is pitch perfect, and the characters are worth rooting for. Raya makes for a very formidable protagonist, who herself goes through a coming-of-age phase even in a mission that calls for her to be the bravest. Thankfully not saddled with any perfunctory romantic track, the premise allows Raya to breathe more easily as a protagonist worth rooting for, just like Moana. And I simply liked how her character was treated in the climax of the film, allowing herself to take a step back to let a bigger cause win. Her whole love-hate saga with Namaari has more heart than her camaraderie with her ‘Guardians of Kamandra’, the latter still providing some of the film’s cutsiest moments (looking at you, Little Noi!).

And then there is the scene-stealer Sisu, voiced by the extremely talented Awkwafina, who is on a roll from her first appearance. The dragon represents the hope for humanity, and thereby bringing in a message that deserves to be reiterated in these times. That said, despite the awesomeness of the character, the movie doesn’t allow Sisu to overshadow the narrative, and especially Raya’s saga.

What’s, however, becoming a bit grating when it comes to Disney animated films, that goes into Raya and The Last Dragon as well, is its tendency to stick to its own faithful set of cliches. So we have that cursory prologue narration, we have the protagonist losing her parent figure, we have a cute animal sidekick (who, gratefully, matters to the plot) and so on. Also, we can’t help but compare certain plotlines of Raya… with that of Moana – just compare Sisu with Maui from the other film – while the climax veers a bit closely to Guardians of the Galaxy.


– Gorgeous To Look At

– Feel-Good Narration with Stellar Voice-Cast

– A Relatable Protagonist


– Tendency of Not Forsaking Disney Cliches

Final Thoughts

Raya and The Last Dragon, releasing in India in theatres on March 5, is Disney showing off once again its innate ability to come up with immensely feel-good sagas, and strong female protagonists worth rooting for. Buckled up with some lovely visuals and a great voice-cast, Raya and The Last Dragon makes for a wholesome family viewing, even if it does remind you of Disney’s previous offerings.

(The above story first appeared on Onhike on Mar 03, 2021 11:00 PM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

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