Garmin is working again, has your data been compromised?

We started the weekend worried about one of Garmin’s most serious service downtime. The sports watch maker warned of a worldwide service problem. From the company they spoke of a maintenance failure, but other sources pointed to a ransomware computer attack

Several days later, users begin to celebrate on social networks that their devices are working again and that they have recovered the results of their sports activities carried out during these days of general decline. Although they continue to encounter maintenance status alert messages that appeared in previous days. 

The mysterious failure of the Garmin infrastructure has turned out to be a ransomware attack . According to reports on  BleepingComputer , the attackers used WastedLocker to encrypt the company’s data and ask for a ransom of $ 10 million . The sources of this medium seem to come from an investigation in this regard, but neither the company nor employees have yet confirmed what happened.

Although many users do not find it relevant that someone else can access their sports results obtained with Garmin, many share them on social networks, it is important to remember that these GPS devices allow you to link your location with names and accounts on the network. 

The WastedLocker attack is especially new and aggressive, so there are no known defense methods that companies can use. Experts advise against paying the required ransom figures , however we do not know if Garmin has opted for that option and if so how it has recovered data and services.

We also don’t know if cybercriminals have kept users’ personal data. From the company, several statements were published yesterday to answer all questions from users who saw that the problem was still without a solution after several days. Garmin claims that ” it is not aware that the information has been corrupted, including activity, payments and personal information .”

After the issue is resolved and users are able to return to normal use of their Garmin devices and services, we may learn more about that alleged attack that has been them for more than 96 hours in a row.

So, #Garmin is now partly working. Synced my activities, but not steps / calories used / sleep data-> but definitely progress. (Tempted to also maintain old-school notebook method too) – davidwebster (@davidwebster)July 27, 2020

For the moment, Garmin is gradually recovering its normality and its various services are working again. The devices already connect to Garmin Connect, but some users note that they cannot see the data in the mobile app or sync with Strava.

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