Funny Grooms Speeches – The Punch Line Should Come Last!

Professional speech writers and speech makers generally consider wedding crowds to be one of the most difficult audiences around due to their huge diversity. The wedding reception party will consist of a of different age groups, different sexes, different religions, and can all be at different stages of inebriation!

In addition the audience will usually consist of different social groups from both the bride’s side and the groom’s side. There will usually be immediate family, more distant family, close friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, and possibly neighbors. This huge diversity makes it difficult to judge what exactly you can get away with, and what the strictly no-go areas are.

The bringing together of these different social groups means that there will be a large of guests who won’t know a lot of other people at the reception. This only serves to reinforce any inhibitions that they may have, and makes them less receptive to humor.

In terms of entertainment value your grooms speech should ideally fall somewhere between the father of the brides’ more serious speech and the best man’s more speech. It needs to be functional and sincere with just the right amount of humor.

You’ve got to thank everyone that needs thanking without it sounding like you are reading out a shopping list. You also have to strike exactly the right balance between sincerity and humor. This is a delicate balance to achieve, and why your speech is the hardest to both write and to deliver, and because of this grooms speeches always require a certain amount of pre-planning and rehearsing.

I’ve attended countless weddings where the unfortunate groom runs quickly and nervously through a succession of well heard clichés, followed by a lame attempt at humor which is received by an awkward silence from the guests.

If you can inject a few good one liners to add an element of fun, and deliver them well, this can be very effective. However you must practice your delivery, a good joke can be ruined if you blurt out the punch line first!

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