From WandaVision to Moon Knight, Ranking All the Marvel Disney+ Series Season Finales!

From WandaVision to Moon Knight, Ranking All the Marvel Disney+ Series Season Finales!

Over the last week, Moon Knight finished off its run with a finale that has many people split on it. While many liked Oscar Isaac’s performance and how it wrapped up the season, many felt that it was rushed and a lot of plot points weren’t touched upon. Overall, though, Moon Knight has had a generally positive reception aside from the finale. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Review: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Marvel Revels in Sam Raimi’s Horror Vibes and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch Act (Onhike Exclusive).

With that being said, this has been a general pattern with the Marvel Disney+ series where the entire season runs well, but the finale ends up fumbling the bed. Fans have had very strong feelings towards these shows, and Moon Knight showcased that perfectly. So, with that being said, we are ranking all the season/series finales of the Marvel Disney+ shows. Here is the list down below. Moon Knight Episode 6 Review: Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Series Has an Entertaining Finale, But Still Feels Rushed! (Onhike Exclusive).

What If…?

This series overall failed to impress in many ways. Often feeling rushed, the season wasn’t able to get that many fans aside from episode revolving around Doctor Strange. Even the finale while action packed, failed to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the season and just felt like a mish-mash of ideas.


Hawkeye re- Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk into the Marvel universe, but even that didn’t save this episode from being underwhelming. Feeling extremely rushed and aimless, the episode just failed on providing a satisfying conclusion.


The entirety of WandaVision was having an extremely solid run, so what went wrong? Well, for starters, the finale itself felt very generic. It had this feeling of scenes being cut out of it and not to mention the absolute underwhelming reveal surrounding Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. It felt truly unique in its execution, but the finale just felt like a formulaic MCU product.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

While the episode here also ran into the problems of feeling rushed, it was still able to provide a finale that felt true to the characters. It also put Sam and Bucky in a place that felt right for them, not to mention how they wrapped everything up.

Moon Knight

If I had a penny for everytime a Marvel Disney+ series felt rushed, I would have five rupees with me. Which isn’t much, but it’s that it has happened five times right? But anyways, Moon Knight was still able to deliver a somewhat satisfying finale as it did answer many questions. It also had a satisfying story that had been given some more time, could have shined.


Loki by far had the best finale out of the entire slate of Marvel’s Disney+ series and that’s because it didn’t have to wrap up everything. It had Jonathan Major’s make his MCU debut to set up the next big bad, and all he did was drop exposition in that episode in the most charming way possible. It truly was extremely fun and felt the most natural out of all the finales.

If there is thing that is holding these Marvel series back, then it’s definitely the structure of them. Six episodes just isn’t enough for the kind of story that they are trying to tell, and that’s not to mention the pacing of them as well. Hopefully these issues are addressed, because that’s the only thing stopping them from being great.

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