‘Friday Night In with The Morgans’ Episode 10: Norman Reedus is writing a book and fans can’t wait for it

Norman Reedus (Getty Images)

“We’re all having our ways of trying to keep ourselves busy, Norman is writing a book right now,” Hilarie said in the show’s official Twitter clip. “Yeah, yeah, I am writing a book,” confirmed Reedus. “It’s a book of fiction. It’s four stories that kind of interact and they learn from each other on their journey from the East Coast to the West Coast, in a nutshell.”

“How did you manage to get a fiction book deal?” Jeffrey asked his ‘The Walking Dead’ co-star. “I have been approached about that for a long time now,” Reedus explained. “I don’t wanna incriminate any of my friends,” he laughed. One of the questions included if he had based a chapter on Jeffrey and the stars burst out laughing again when Reedus said, “yeah there’s a little girl…”

Fans, on their part, were mighty excited after hearing the news about the book. “How excited to see that Norman Reedus is writing a book, how awesome is this,” a fan wrote. “@WalkingDead_AMC [email protected] Ohh yessss!! it’s fantastic! Congratulations Norman!!!,” tweeted another fan. “Wow, that’s so awesome!!! Congratulations, @wwwbigbaldhead!!! I can’t wait to read your book!!!” exclaimed one of the fans. “That is so cool. Can’t wait to read the book,” felt a fan.  

“I’m so excited to see you again !!! literally love you so much you are such an inspiration for me, sending all my love from Spain,” read one of the tweets. “@WalkingDead_AMC and @wwwbigbaldhead @HilarieBurton your eyes when you say MYSTERIOUS killed me,” remarked one of the fans who had tuned in to watch the show. “A great family, I’m a walking dead person, I’ve watched it like 11 times ..to hear they are doing different things is amazing x all amazing people…” a fan tweet read.

‘Friday Night In with The Morgans’ was originally conceived as a fun distraction from the monotony of quarantine. It airs on Fridays at 10 pm ET on AMC.

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