Four smart plugs for just € 9.25 each – sold by Amazon and compatible with Alexa

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It is becoming not only easier to have a smart home, but also cheaper, and there are quite a few competing to sell connected devices, although few of them are as trustworthy and have as much experience as TP-Link.

This company sells right now through Amazon a pack of four plugs TP-Link P100 for only 37.99 euros, a great price in exchange for a pack that will give a leap of quality to your Smart Home.

This pack of four smart plugs is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, although you can also control them from the TP-Link app.

The price per unit is just 9.25 euros, much cheaper than usual when buying WiFi plugs, which almost always cost a little more, and that in case of betting on some unknown Chinese brand, no from one like TP-Link.

They are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, the two main virtual assistants in the market, although to link them to one of the two you will first need a smart speaker. If you don’t have one, you can control them without problems from the brand’s own app, which will allow you to squeeze all of its features.

You can program the on and off, as well as set a countdown and assign different scenarios. This makes it possible, for example, to program the ignition of an electric coffee machine to have the coffee ready in the morning, or schedule the air conditioning to turn off at a certain time.

There are many Smart Home devices that have dropped in price significantly, so right now you can have a fully connected home for very little money.

Assembling your own Smart Home is easier than it seems, it can also be cheaper if you know what products to look for so that you can control products in your home such as light bulbs, appliances, lamps or televisions.

In addition to plugs, it is highly recommended to have several smart bulbs, even cheaper. For example, you can buy this Unotec model for less than € 10 at PcComponentes.

In the case of the Amazon plug pack, shipping is free whether you have Amazon Prime or not, although if you take the opportunity to register in the free trial month before placing your order, you will receive it much earlier at home.

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