Four movies to watch at Disney Plus during July

Disney Plus knows very well what to do to keep its audience captive: despite the delays due to the coronavirus in filming and productions, the channel continues to offer interesting content and, especially, fresh content for its increasingly numerous subscribers.

The month of July 2020 is perhaps the demonstration of the channel’s discreet but effective to display ever-new content, despite the limitations that quarantine may have imposed on new small screen projects:

Hamilton by Thomas Kail (2020)

A Hamilton ua is called “the best musical of the most recent decades” and, of course, no shortage of reasons: a start lavish scene, an unforgettable soundtrack and brilliant use of native resources of television, music created by Lin-Manuel Miranda reached the small screen without losing an iota of his power on stage.

Hamilton is touching, bold and amazing: it is also the demonstration that Disney knows the secret to continue giving extraordinary moments to its audience. Starting July 3, you can enjoy a Broadway show as many times as you like through Disney Plus .

Dan Scanlon’s Onward (2020)

We know it: Onward is not the best Pixar film and his time at the box was rather lackluster, but even so this film of two brothers who try to face the absence of their father through magic, while they advance through a world Fantastic surrounded by manticores , centaurs, and other amazing creatures, it’s charming enough to give you a second, and perhaps even a third, chance.

Are you not convinced by the argument? We give you an infallible one: in its original version, Chris Pratt and Tom Holland offer their voices to the brothers. The combination turns each of their dialogues together into a fun meta-reference game. Enjoy it from July 3.

Ralph breaks the Internet , by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston (2018)

In Ralph’s (John C. Reilly) world everything is going great … until his beloved Vanellope Sarah Silverman begins to think that the world of his old arcade game is too small to contain his ambitions.

S Ecuela immediate of the successful Rompe Ralph (2012) Rich Moore, the film is a well – constructed game references, with all kinds of bright winks to the Internet world, its impact and culture. You can enjoy Ralph Rompe internet from July 10.

Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

When the main criticism of The Return of Mary Poppins is that despite its formidable bill, it is not as good as its original version , it certainly deserves a chance: Emily Blunt will never be Julie Andrews, but her effort to give a new face to The most beloved nanny in the cinema is as elegant as it is emotional.

And in fact, the greatest achievement of this remake of the classic is to achieve an independent identity, despite the inevitable comparisons. If you want to have your say, the film will hit the Disney Plus catalog on July 24.

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