For only € 249 you can release a fairly complete Windows 10 PC, and with free shipping

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If you need a and you are open to buy a desktop computer, right now there is a Medion Akoya M80 at a balance price on Amazon Spain, with free shipping as well.

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Working and studying from home has many positive aspects, but it also requires an investment in equipment to be able to do it, especially on a computer that works smoothly for day-to-day life.

If you need one, right now you can buy several models at affordable prices. One of them is the Medion Akoya M80, a desktop with 1TB of hard drive and Windows 10 that you can buy for just € 249 on Amazon Spain.

The order has free shipping whether you have Prime or not, although we recommend that you register in the free month if you want something faster to arrive. Being a student, things improve since the trial period increases to three months.

This cheap desktop PC has more than enough specifications for Windows 10 to work well, such as 8GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron G4900 processor, although it is recommended to add or replace your hard drive with an SSD, much faster storage and that makes all apps run faster.

Fortunately, buying an SSD is much more affordable than a few years ago, with 120GB models that barely exceed 20 euros and that provide enough capacity for the OS and many applications, as long as you are not going to download very heavy files.

As some Amazon commentators point out, some models of this PC do not have integrated WiFi, so it would be quite prudent to add a USB antenna to your order just in case. They are not expensive and you can find them for less than € 10 in this same store.

If you are not convinced, there are many other laptops that are perfect for both telecommuting and studying, all of them with somewhat lower prices than would be normal in any other circumstance.

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