Financial Thermostat Set

Thermostat is set for the level of wealth you currently have. The quickest way to change your thermostat is to accept this reality and find a way to adjust it, preferably upwards.

Cup Analogy

Your mind is like a cup, once it is full of water, it overflows and you are unable to put in any more water into the cup. To take on more water, you need to increase your cup size. So, to increase your financial thermostat your wealth, you need to increase your mind’s capacity. If you liken the water to opportunity and your mind to the cup, once your mind reaches capacity, you may miss or be open to opportunities that come your way.

Self Education

Probably the easiest and most efficient place to start. It could be as simple as reading a book or listening to podcast on your way to work or while exercising. Warren Buffet still reads 5-6 hours per day, from books to newspaper and a range of corporate reports. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Being an educate in the area you have a passion or desired to success.

Get Mentor

A mentor is one who already achieved what you are seeking to succeed. In a recent podcast the legendary Robert Kiyosaki made a great observation in that you can hire a mentor or mentors anywhere in the world. Mentor assist you to learn from there mistakes and keep you uncountable, assisting you to reach your goal significantly faster. The old saying goes, if you are the smartest person on your team, you are in trouble.


As confronting as it may be, most people’s financial thermostat is set for their current level of wealth. It may be close to, or at capacity and as a result, opportunities that come their way may be missed or overlook. They need to improve and increase their mental capacity. Some of the world’s most successful people, still self-educate and learn. Reading and listening to podcasts is a simple and effective way to boost your mind.

Understand failure and use it as a learning experience, not an excuse to quit. By increasing your mind’s ability, you will increase your financial thermostat. You may begin to find solutions to problems and identify opportunities that may have previously passed you by. Solving more problems and bigger problems, will result in greater wealth and set you up for a level of success you would never have achieved with your old mindset.