Fewer consoles, more games: the results of PlayStation in the months of the pandemic

Fewer consoles, more games: the results of PlayStation in the months of the pandemic

Sony has presented its financial results with some interesting data regarding its training division, PlayStation. These data correspond to the first quarter of the fiscal year, from April to June , some of the harshest of the confinements around the world due to the quarantine of the coronavirus.

In this sense, the company says that in these months they have sold almost two million consoles, an important figure but far from the results of other quarters but very good figures to be the end of the console generation , with the arrival of PS5 in around the corner. In total, with these are 112 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold in their life cycle, at least until now.

PlayStation: good numbers with less hardware and more software

What if they have grown are the income derived from software and services, about 23%. Or what is the same, from the sale of games and subscriptions PS Now and PS Plus, which already has 45 million subscribers . In this way, Sony continues to earn benefits for its games, of which The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima out as two very strong releases that have helped growth during this quarter.

Regarding PS5, Sony says that they maintain the launch on the dates set for the end of the year, and that in addition, as we anticipated , they have increased the production of the console by 50% in order to cover the expected demand for the period Christmas after many analysts pointed to a supply shortage caused by supply problems due to Covid.

In this regard, Sony notes that it has addressed minor related to COVID-19 in its PS4 supply chain, in addition to confirming that “no major issues have arisen” with the development of its own or third-party games.

If nothing changes, some of the titles and news for the final stretch of the PS4 will be presented at the company’s next event, without expecting any major first party launch or specific announcements from its next console, the PS5, at least. in the immediate term.

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