Facts About Dayton G73 Electric Garage Heater

Dayton G73 electric garage heater is the most popular heater in the market today. It has received great reviews and testimonials. For those who work for hours in the garage even during cold or winter days this is the best heater for you. You don’t have to worry during cold weather since you still do your chores in the garage even if it is freezing outside. This type of heater has 17,000 BTUs and can heat up a 500 square foot are effectively. It will be a waste of money if you choose a product that cannot provide an appropriate temperature for your garage.

Dayton G73 electric garage heater can heat up the entire garage area to a comfortable temperature. It provides vertical and horizontal air flow that optimizes the heat distribution in the whole area. It has a built in thermostat that allows complete control over the atmosphere in the work place and makes the spending time in the garage more enjoyable. It also includes mounting brackets for the ceiling. You can also choose something that you can simply place on the floor. This equipment has superior safety ratings as compared to standard gas powered shop heaters. It has an feature that automatically shuts down when it becomes too hot.

Users of Dayton G73 are very pleased with the equipment. It has performed and meets the standards that most users are very particular. It performs brilliantly in a longer time and continues to provide the same standard even if you have been using it for several months. This heater is considered as the best brand for electric garage heater and continues to increase its popularity. Good reviews and testimonies about the products are available and on home depot that sells Dayton G73. In buying the product make sure that you have checked your garage area so that you can have the needed heat.

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