Facilitating the Ease and Continuity of the Renovation Process

Just about everyone goes through a period in their life when they renovate a portion of their home. While the experience can be stressful, the right contractor can make a large difference in relation to the ease and continuity of the renovation process.

Once you’ve found the right home contractor for your specific needs, the next step will be to discuss the following with the contractor:

1. Time schedule – It’s important for the contractor to develop and discuss his time schedule with you, so you won’t have any stressful surprises, he will know what you expect from him, and you will know what to expect from him.

2. Sticking to the budget – If a contractor doesn’t know your specific budgetary constraints, he may assume to move forward with minor aspects of the project, which may develop along the way, without consulting with you. In contrast, if he is fully aware of your budget, he will discuss any unanticipated expenses with you.

3. License – It’s a good idea to ask your contractor for proof of his license including the date, type and state of his license.

4. Insurance – Your contractor should provide proof of insurance coverage.

5. Project details – Sit down with your contractor, make a detailed list, and review all the details together. This could avoid misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions and lack of continuity in the work flow.

6. Down payment and payment intervals (amounts and dates) – The amount of money your contractor will need to receive from you and the dates he will need to receive it should be discussed by the two of you in advance of the project.

7. Put it in writing – A good contractor will provide you with an itemized list of the work to be performed, the cost, and the payment plan. Writing everything down can make a large difference in relation to the ease and continuity of the renovation process.

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