Facebook begins its war against old news


Surely it has happened to you on more than one occasion that you are about to open Facebook and an acquaintance has shared an obsolete news item: the death of a person who died long ago, old statements by a politician or an old article whose data does not correspond to today. Mark Zucerkebrg’s social network will implement a solution to fix this problem: warn you that you are sharing an old news.

We have all forgotten to verify the publication date, it is often hidden from view, which leads us to make the mistake of sharing content without being aware of its publication date, leading to misunderstandings and errors. News editors have voiced their concerns to Facebook over the proliferation of old stories and outdated news on social media, which may confuse other insiders and lead them to misinterpret events.

To repair it, Facebook has made the decision to notify you. In this way, if it was your intention to share it anyway – or it is a timeless report, opinion piece – you can do it anyway, but if you thought that the news was strictly current, you may think twice.

When the article you share has more than 90 days of publication, Facebook will warn you. If it is still relevant to you, you can share it by pressing the “Continue” button. The feature is being out these days globally.

In addition Facebook has announced that it will put this notification for other uses “in the coming months”. For example, you want to display a notification in -19 related posts, providing information about the source of the link, and directing people to your -19 Information Center site.

This article was published in TICbeat by Andrea Núñez-Torrón Stock.

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