Extraordinary Attorney Woo: 5 Characters The KDrama Series Got Right!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: 5 Characters The KDrama Series Got Right!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is literally going off the charts with its ratings. The Kdrama series that is brought to the global audience through Netflix, has been getting a lot of love everywhere. In fact, the makers of the show are quite surprised by its success of the show. In a press conference in Seoul, director Yoo In-sik said, “I didn’t expect this drama to receive so much love. As you know, it started to be shown on a lesser-known TV channel and I wasn’t sure if the subject matter was something that could draw popularity.” But it did and now people just can’t get enough of Attorney Woo’s cute antics. Extraordinary Attorney Woo: 5 Times Park Eun-bin’s Whale Talk Brightened Our Day.

There are a host of reasons why Extraordinary Attorney Woo is getting so much praise. The writers have done quality work in defining the characters or to be precise, they have done a good job in weaving the narratives of these supporting characters vis-a-vis Woo. Played by Park Eun-bin, Woo suffers from Aspergers’ Syndrome, has a high IQ and has a different way of fighting cases as a lawyer. So the characters are written in such a way that while they provide a different shade to Woo’s journey, they don’t lose their own identity in the process.

So today we will talk about these five characters in Extraordinary Attorney Woo that have been written just the way they should be!

1. Joo Hyun-Young as Dong Geurami

Yes, Dong Geurami is perhaps the most obvious character in the series – an autistic person’s non-autistic best friend. But what made it better is the bond they share. The writers even explore how they became friends, defining the need vs want argument. Woo felt safe with her while Geurami’s lonely life is filled with a loyal friend. It doesn’t happen with everyone!

2. Kang Tae-oh as Lee Jun-ho

Shipping the male and female leads is the most cliched activity we all Kdrama fans do. But in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the dynamics are different. Here, we are shipping a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome with the quintessential kdrama hero. It feels really good to see the writers understanding that fact. Jun-ho is shown as a guy who is in a dilemma about whether or not to go ahead with his fascination for Woo. His friends already look at his friendship with her as a charity case. He wants to be very sure about his feelings for her or if he can pursue it further.

3. Kang Ki Young as Jung Myeong-Seok

Myeong-Seok is Woo’s boss and one of the senior members of the law firm she works in. Initially, he rejects her because of her condition as he feels she will weigh them down. But once she proves her mettle, he decides to be her friend, mentor and guide. However, that doesn’t happen all of sudden. He gradually warms up to her and her different abilities to crack a case. He supports her but doesn’t shy away from telling her off if the need arises.

4. Ha Yoong-kyung as Choi Su Yeon

This is perhaps the most well-written character in the show. Choi Su-yeon is a perfect female second lead minus the viciousness. It’s a Kdrama tradition to turn the second female lead into vamps while the second male lead is always sacrificing friends. It’s downright offensive at times. Here, Su-yeon is beautiful, eloquent, efficient, smart, commands the room and even has a crush on Jun-ho. Yet she has not been turned into Woo’s nemesis. In fact, she is a friend who deeply cares for her. Su-yeon even questions Jun-ho about his intentions for Woo, showing how protective she is towards Woo.

5. Joo Jung Hyuk as Kwon Min-woo

You would be surprised to see him on this list because Kwon Min-woo is just another jealous coworker out to get Woo which we see in every Kdrama. The reason being Min-woo balances the emotions perfectly. Life is not so sweet and smooth as is shown in the series with only fleeting bumps. Woo is surrounded by well-meaning people, Min-woo so far is the only challenge she faces. This only makes her character evolve better as she tides over his jealous pranks. That perfectly balances the story. Goblin, Vincenzo, Strangers From Hell – 5 Kdramas That Should Never Be Remade In India And Why.

Don’t get us wrong, Park Eun-bin as Attorney Woo is simply fantastic and the writers have done a great job with her character as well. But these five above make the series simply a great watch.



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