Exam Oriented Education

With the term Exam Oriented Education I refer to the education system that put emphasis on conducting examinations of students to analyze them. World has become so competitive that career and other aspects are decided according to scores in exams. Some likes the exams as they help them to analyze their overall performance. While other hates as the low scores create pressure on them.

What are exams?

Basically, exams are a conventional system to test the intelligence, knowledge and memory, which is the base for one’s eligibility to took admission in any school or college. It is concern by both weak and brilliant student. Some hates it while some likes it.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this education system:

Advantages of exam oriented education

  • Competitive environment – Students get competitive environment through which they encouraged by themselves to score better than others. They study on their own and find resources for better performance. This helps them to prepare them to survive in competitive world. They have pressure on them to be the best and this also improves their concentration.
  • Practical exams– Practical exams help students to build their personality so that they can represent their best in front of everyone. This teaches them to how and what should be represent. Practicals give chance to every student to show their capabilities.
  • Scholarships– Those students who wills to get best schools or collages but due to unstable financial conditions can’t get it. Exams are the best option for them to reserve their seat and with this also get scholarships. Scholarship exams are conducted to give financial support to merit students who can’t afford it.
  • Increased knowledge– exam oriented education system improves the education knowledge level. As to perform well in exams students studies every source of their topic. This helps them to gain more and more knowledge. Which will further help in future if they deliver information about a particular topic in future.
  • Memory improvement– exams create the pressure to remember everything on the student to get best scores. This pressure trains the brain to learn each and everything and remember it for as long as it is possible. This leads to the development of memory and increases the learning and understanding capacities.

Disadvantages of Exam Oriented Education

However, despite having amazing advantages exams also have some disadvantages also:

  • Anxiety and depression– with the pressure to give best exams ,students face anxiety issues also. This is because the society judge according to marks. If someone doesn’t score well they are consider failure. This failure pressure later turns into depression.
  • Less effectiveness– to score well, students focus more on rote rehearsals. They get good grades but at the price of knowledge. After few months of exam they forget what they learnt. In scoring better than other they forget the real meaning of education. They just rote the topics at the place of understanding concepts.
  • Comparison– students are compare on the basis of their grades in exams. Suppose if someone score A+ grade then he will consider brilliant and if someone score C grade then he will be a loser. This creates a pressure on them. Which forces them to took wrong steps. Sometimes it becomes so serious that one can do suicide.
  • Biased judgement– Exam tests the performance on a particular day. If someone performs well whole year but can’t perform well on exam day, but he will be judged on the basis of his one day performance rather then the full year performance. This is unfair, but it is rule of exam oriented education system.
  • Not a right way to check knowledge– this is no the right way to check someone’s knowledge and memory. Everyone is unique and have different capabilities. Some are good dancers, musicians, painters, cooks etc. and if you judge them on the basis how they solve the maths problems. Then this is not right for them.


Exam system is both good or bad for analyze one’s capability. However who are genuinely good in this should be prefer more. Students should be judged on their over all performance, in every field. Then they should be given grades.