Elgato’s new teleprompter is designed for streamers

Politicians and awkward SNL hosts have long-relied on the humble teleprompter to get their lines out, and now there’s a device that lets the rest of us get in on the mealy-mouthed fun. The Elgato Prompter is basically a shrunken-down teleprompter, complete with a scrolling display, side hoods to minimize unwanted ambient lighting and simple connectors that attach to an external camera, built-in webcam or just about anywhere else.

Unlike other prompters on the market, you don’t need your own tablet or phone, thanks to a built-in screen and the company’s proprietary Camera Hub software. Once activated, the device not only displays video scripts, but also mirrors any window or app via a simple drag and drop. This lets you see both the script and live feeds from chat participants at the same time, all while looking directly into the camera. It’s a bona fide cornucopia of human social cues.

Of course, you aren’t relegated to live feeds from fellow chat participants. You can drag and drop anything to the Prompter, with Elgato suggesting that users place a window of “the big match” so people can sneak glances during those endless work meetings. We would never, however, recommend such a blatant display of truancy.

The Prompter is an Elgato product, so it offers some deep integration with the recently-discounted Stream Deck. There’s a plugin for the device that offers control and adjustment options at the touch of a button, all of which should come in handy for livestreamers and YouTubers looking for that perfect take. To that end, Elgato says it built the device to be the “true all-in-one solution for content creators.”

Elgato, which is owned by noted peripheral manufacturer Corsair, says the Prompter integrates with more webcams, cameras and smartphones than any other similar device on the market, so you likely won’t need to buy additional hardware to use it. If you’re worried, there’s a list of supported cameras and devices right here.

Setup seems simple enough, with included attachment clips and a stand, interchangeable backplates and a single USB connection to both power the device and transfer data. The Elgato Prompter is available right now and costs $280.

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