Education in the new normality: history classes in virtual reality


The coronavirus has made students lose half a course this 2020, because nobody was prepared to teach online during confinement. Neither the teachers nor the students. We are in summer and we still have no idea what the course will be like from September, although everyone agrees that there will be more classes. Video calls can be a solution, but in the medium term they become monotonous and boring. Why not a history class in virtual reality?

HistoryMaker VR is a tool that allows teachers to teach History using virtual reality . The advantage of this technology is that the teacher can be embodied in any character and teach from any real or imaginary place. Much more attractive than watching a video with the teacher’s face for an hour …

At the same time, thanks to virtual reality,  students are not seeing a screen on their PC or tablet. They immerse themselves in a virtual environment related to the lesson they are learning . Why not give a class on Rome sitting on the steps of the Colosseum?

As we can see in the video,  HistoryMaker VR is a tool focused on educators. In fact it will be free for them.

The professor can reincarnate as a historical figure (for the time being, belonging to North American history) from Benjamin Franklin to the Indian chief Tecumseh or the Supreme Court judge Sonia Sotomayor, or create an avatar that looks like him.

You can choose the setting, related to the topic of the lesson, and even place objects that you will use during the class. As it is virtual reality it is possible to keep the script or the lecture of the class with the naked eye , and the students will not see it.

Then record the class using the movement of your own hands and body , which are recorded thanks to the movement controls and sensors of the virtual reality glasses.

Students can download the class and immerse themselves in the virtual reality environment, observing the teacher in real size , not in a simple video on screen.

HistoryMaker VR’s proposal  seems like a first step, a teaser , because from what we see in the video the classes are given on stage, and they are not in real time, but recorded scenes.

In the future we hope to see real scenarios related to the History lesson , such as walking through the interior of the Egyptian pyramids while the teacher gives his lesson, and that this class is in real time and in a group , with teachers and students interacting between yes.

But virtual reality is starting, and you have to go little by little.

HistoryMaker VR will launch on August 13 on Steam . As we have said it will be free for educators, although anyone can buy it and experiment with the tool.

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