eDetailing in Pharma Industry

E-detailing is an important component in any industry so as in pharma industry. The days where physicians we’re willing and able to schedule time for sales representatives is not much more than a distant memory. Taking charge of the possibilities is therefore key for pharma companies, and transforming eDetailing to intelligent eDetailing is a crucial step.

General eDetailing

It doesn’t hold high requirements for the proper use of possibilities. In some instances, edetailing simply means that information from a paper based detail-aid is transferred to an iPad or tablet. Naturally, that has little to do with the intelligent use of the digital potential.

The main possibility offered by in this case, is its omnipresence. Information freed from the restraints of time and space. Accessible for doctors when they need it, where they need it. That means, information that’s completely independent of an iPad with an attached sales representative to it.

Convenient and Trusted eDetailing

Two crucial efforts can help a pharma company on that path, letting their information stand out. Provide the content on a convenient platform and help the physicians pre-validate its credibility. As simple as that may sound, the path to success is often rather bumpy and requires an experienced co-driver. To succeed, you need to uncover the journey the physicians embark on when they consume your information, as well as have an integrate understanding of the universe and platforms available. It requires an elaborate model, that uncovers all twists and turns.

Make your Content Relevant

Focusing on the end-customer rather than the products, identifying segments and combining it with the best technology. Thus enabling clients to improve efficiency and manage metrics. It’s a comprehensive methodology that makes up the Discover Model. Combining insights and data from the pharma industry with the customer journey and everything in-between.

A big part of Discover Model is the Phase, a journey we embark on with clients. Identifying pain-points and their solutions, companies understand their possibilities, their challenges and particularly the reality for their recipients, enabling them to press just the right buttons.


eDetailing is an essential step along the way, recommendation is to build a roadmap that provides ideal communication to (and with) physicians across multiple touch-points (depicted below). While this journey is longer, it provides companies with a much stronger possibility to stand out among its competition and establish longer and more trusting relationships with physicians.