Dream is the new battlefield: Smart Wake comes to Fitbit Charge 4


Apple introduced sleep monitoring with watchOS 7 , a feature that will hit all Apple Watch Series 3 users onwards in the fall. Although sleep monitoring was already present in a wide range of activity measuring bracelets (and in the Watch through third-party apps), it is still a field in which improvement has a lot of margin.

The approach of Apple to this field is the simplest: the watch tells you the of sleep and pulse during the night, with the intention of improving trends of sleep and promote a daily balance when bedtime and wake up. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fitbit Charge 4 integrates smart alarm

On the other hand, Fitbit’s approach has been deeper, without logically never having verified the usefulness of the data or the precision of measurement of the phases of sleep, something especially complex to measure taking into account only the sensors of the bracelet and the pulse . However, the company has been amplifying the options of its sleep measurement function, now integrating in its recent Fitbit Charge 4 a very interesting function: the smart alarm clock.

Smart Wake, or smart alarm clock by its Spanish name, is a very interesting function with which the bracelet wakes the user based on the phase of sleep within a predefined advantage, all with the intention of making waking up as natural as possible. possible and that the user does not feel stunned first thing in the morning.

With this function, Fitbit Charge 4 will be able to configure alarms that are activated at the optimal time, although in any case the alarm will continue to sound at the established time if you do not enter “light sleep” within the previous 30 minutes.

Fitbit is the first massive smart wristband company to fully integrate this feature, making it an interesting addition.

For now, and if things do not change with the launch of the Series 6, the Apple Watch will not integrate this smart alarm clock officially, although third-party apps such as AutoSleep , one of the most used on the Apple watch, already have it available since the last

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