‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: SeX Men come to Doom Manor to deal with a crazy party

Devan Chandler Long (DC Universe)

DC Universe’s ‘Doom Patrol’ is back with Season 2, continuing it’s comedically tragic narrative. We’re past the first three episodes that left our beloved characters feeling more traumatized than ever, but now the show is set to raise the ridiculousness bar again with Episode 4 ‘Sex Patrol’.

The episode features a huge blowout party at Doom Manor and will introduce the SeX Men. For those who are understandably confused by that name, the SeX Men are a government team that deals with paranormal incidents of a sexual nature. ‘Sex Patrol’ will focus partly on the team trying to revive Danny the Brick, who was tragically in half in Episode 3 ‘Pain Patrol’. It appears those attempts are going to take a very sexual turn and we’re guessing guest star Flex Mentallo (Devan Chandler Long) has something to do with it.

A major part of the episode, according to the synopsis, will be Rita Farr (April Bowlby) and her desire to overcome her limitations. In fact, it seems she’s going to ask Flex to unlock her potential and that’s what causes whatever sexy mishap brings the party to the attention of the SeX Men.

Meanwhile, Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro) is also teased to have some major in the episode. It appears she’s going to be kept away from the adults-only party and that’s going to leave her feeling a little left out. After all, Dorothy has been a child for decades and every child dreams of becoming an adult one day. Unfortunately for Dorothy, that’s not really an option and we’re hoping she doesn’t summon the Candlemaker to wish for old age or something.

In any case, this should be a really fun episode with all the ridiculous madness that made this show such a hit. Here’s the full official synopsis for ‘Sex Patrol’: “When the Dannyzens throw a massive party at Doom Manor to resuscitate Danny the Brick, Dorothy longs to join the festivities and experience life as a grown-up. As the party rages on, Rita asks Flex Mentallo (guest star Devan Chandler Long) to help unleash her full potential — which has some dangerously racy consequences.”

‘Doom Patrol’ streams Thursdays on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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