Don’t Want To Wash Another Car? Here Are Some Good Church Fundraising Ideas!

Recently I was driving around my local area in the town in which I live and I saw some people standing on the side of the road holding up a sign

“We will wash your car for $10 or your van/SUV for $15”. This brought back terrible memories for me because as youth leader for a church in another town in which I used to live I can remember the times we had to come up with good church fundraising ideas and someone suggested a car wash. That sounded good in theory, but we decided to give it a try. Wash cars, how fun can that be. Actually it was a lot of fun getting together with our youth, playing around, throwing water on each other and washing a few cars in the process. Washing cars can be a good church fundraising idea, but it requires a lot of work. You have to have lots of people to make it successful. You can’t do this in winter or when it is raining. You can make money with this idea, but there are better ways to make good fundraising money.

In my opinion, here are some good church fundraising ideas.

The best in my opinion is instead of washing the whole car, just wash the windshield. We made money had over fist with this idea. Check out my bio box below for more information.

Other great ideas are as follows.

Bake Sales – are a great way to raise extra cash because people like to eat and help out a worthy cause. This can be done after church, just let people know what the occasion is and they will gladly donate. Of course there will always be those that don’t have any money or are perpetually on a diet and will not be able to participate.

Yard Sales – another excellent idea. Someone always has junk they want to get rid of and if you have a church of any size you can have a fantastic sale. The only problem with this idea is, the weather has to be good unless you can do it indoors. This takes lots of planning, but you can add a sizeable income to your treasury. There is always someone out looking for a bargain, especially in a bad economy.

Pancake Breakfast – Call me if you do this one… I am in. I love pancakes and so do lots of other people. This is a great way to raise lots of cash. You can also use this as an outreach to your community especially if you did a free breakfast to the homeless… not much money in that idea, but goodwill for your church. This idea takes lots of planning, but someone with great organizations skill can easily pull it off.

Portrait Sales – This one can be a bit tricky. Most sales give you a portrait in hopes that you will buy more portraits from their extremely cheap packages (me, sarcastic?) This is tough in a tough economy, but in a good economy you can make a ton of cash and folks can have lots of pictures to pass around.

Well, I hope, my list of Church Fundraising Ideas are just what the doctor ordered and you can find an idea or two that you can use to make good money for your church.

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