Do You Know Why English Has Attained the Status of International Language?

Most of you must agree to the fact that wherever you move around the globe, you surely find someone who knows English. Isn’t it? Because of the growing dominance of the dialect around the world, the need for learning the same gets intense. Hence, it is necessary to communicate successfully in the global context.

The fascinating thing about the language is that people from different countries have different accents and pronunciations, but still it becomes one of the most preferred medium of communication that connects people of different nationalities. Just because of its global reach, the necessity for developing an understanding of the jargon stand out in today’s competitive era.

English Around the World – Factors Behind its Global Dominance

  • To Keep Up With the Pace of Global Business – The world is accommodating more of English speakers in the business community. In fact, any business meeting between the people of two different nations is likely to occur in English as none of them expect the other party to converse in their native language.
  • Its Influence in the World of Science and Technology – Indeed, its dominance in the field of Science and Technology cannot be overlooked. If an Indian scientist makes an innovation or discovery, he must have a capability to make an announcement about his development to the scientists of other nations. Obviously, communicating in English is the only way out.
  • The expression of the Online World – Apparently, the influence of internet plays a vital role in making English the supreme of all the other languages of the world. As more than 80% of online are available in this language, only people having a know-how of the tongue can freely access and share the resources.
  • It’s the Language of Education – Irrespective of age, tribe, nationality or color, learning English is compulsory to the students involved in education in most of the countries all over the world. Hence, becomes a language that rules the planet.
  • The word of Professionals – No matter, how good you are with your academics, ultimately your ability to communicate in a global language help you to come out of the flying colors. The cut-throat competition in the business community cannot be surpassed merely by your IQ; you should be good enough to frame your ideas in words that too in the global front.

The rise of the British Empire in the Nineteenth Century is one of the significant reasons behind the global dominance of the language. As it was the trade language of all the nations where British Empire was preeminent during that era, it further boosted the influence of the dialect. The effect continued in the nineteenth century and is prevalent till date.

It is an international language and is the preferred medium of communication in most of the industries including IT, banking, entertainment, business, politics and a lot more. It is spoken in about one-third of the countries throughout the globe, and its dominance in the world’s economy only grow in the near future.

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