Dedicated Vs Non- Dedicated Servers

Mostly business today is being done in the cloud. While this offers amazing flexibility and accessibility advantages. Everything you use in the cloud still needs to be physically store somewhere. That’s the role a server plays in your system.
There are two types of servers you can use, a dedicated server or a non-dedicated server.

Difference between Dedicated and Non-dedicated Servers

A non-dedicated server means your server is “hosted” in a share environment with other, separate organizations. A dedicated server is your organization’s own server and only contains your data.

The governance rules of your organization and your country’s sovereignty laws should be keep in mind. In order to use desired type of server for your business.

Classification for Dedicated and Non-dedicated Servers

classification is all about how sensitive your is. Therefore, the level of information security required for keeping it secure and limiting the ability to access that data. The main consideration should be based the level of sensitivity and the impact to your organization. And clients should it be disclose, alter or destroy without authorization.         

  • Public  – little to no risk should the information be access.
  • Private  – a moderate level of risk should information be disclose.
  • Restricted  – serious impact should there be any unauthorize activity.

Governance refers simply to the outline of the structure that decides how your is classify. There are a variety of factors that will impact the creation of your governance structure and data model. Which based on the kind of information your organization keeps and the expectations for that information’s security.


Sovereignty is the law of country in which your data and server located. For example, some countries will allow you to openly use servers and transfer data globally. So the working in cloud is allow. However, in some countries it is not allow so you have to do it by dedicated servers. And most importantly take all the permission from government of that country.

For the countries like United States, there are laws for the use servers. So, carefully gain information about all the law. The current laws, such as The Patriot Act. This allow the government to access your data at any time for any reason regardless if your server is dedicated or non-dedicated.