Dark 7 White Review: Sumeet Vyas, Jatin Sarna and Tanya Kalra’s Top-Notch Performances Make This Political Thriller A Decent Watch (LatestLY Exclusive)

Dark 7 White Review: Sumeet Vyas, Jatin Sarna and Tanya Kalra's Top-Notch Performances Make This Political Thriller A Decent Watch (LatestLY Exclusive)

Dark 7 White review: Political thrillers aren’t a preferred genre in India for obvious reasons. We aren’t known for our tolerance these days or any day for that matter. But whenever they have been worked on, the audience has appreciated it. Alt Balaji’s Dark 7 White will thus get some praises for its cocky take on student politics. Dark 7 White: Sacred Games Fame Jatin Sarna AKA Bunty Roped In to Play a Cop in Sumeet Vyas’ Thriller Series

Yuddhveer Singh (Sumeet Vyas) has become the youngest CM of Rajasthan. He and his batch of college friends are ecstatic about the win. Yuddhveer goes on a victory lap before reaching his oath-taking ceremony. While he manages to quell a bunch of protesting angry youths with his smooth-talk, he gets killed even before he could sworn-in to the office. His friends Neelakshi (Monica Chaudhary), Yogesh (Shekhar Choudhary), Kush (Kunj Anand), Tashi (Mudhurima Roy), Greshma (Tanya Kalra) and Dhaval (Rachit Bahal) have been with him through thick and thin and now they are suspects of his murder. Abhimanyu Singh (Jatin Sarna) has been entrusted with the job to nab the killer.

Based on Shweta Brijupria’s Dark White, the series starts well. It establishes the fact loud and clear that Yuddhveer’s ascension to the CM throne has been wildly discussed. The story goes back and forth between 2009 to 2019 to establish how a spoilt Prince of a kingdom in Rajasthan got so interested in politics. The jump between the two timelines is done quite well and gets you involved in the proceedings. The twists and turns may not be hair-raising but they keep you hooked. Dialogues by Pranjal Saxena and Shashank Kunwar are quite catchy and has the potential to go viral. The one where Vyas says he is a ‘by-product of a black hole – a**hole’ is the best so far.

The series draws parallels between politics and all things sex to make a point. The analogies mostly fall flat because no attempt is made to make it obvious. In the first episode, Yuvi or Sumeet Vyas, who is also the narrator, says politics and sex don’t give you enjoyment unless you get orgasms. After his win, he sees the cheering crowd which is supposed to be the explanation of the analogy but it hardly leaves an impact because the crowd is too lean to define it. This is India and we saw the kind of turnout Bihar poll campaigns saw. Also, a few twists don’t make any sense. Why would anyone kill one of the strongest members of the party? The continuity jerks bother you as well. Manma Emotion Jaage in 2010-2014? Dilwale released in 2015, just FYI!

Given the fact that it aims to cater to the young crowd, liberal use of cuss words is obvious. Even the language is peppered with dude and Bhai! But most of it sounds forced and unnecessary. Vyas’ voiceover uses it heavily but at times, it isn’t even required. Also, the murder investigation that took place in 2009 never got investigated fully. They just forgot about it. Vyas’ character claims that the audience didn’t realize that Neelu’s concern was genuine when she asks him not to take an open jeep. Well, I did!

Performance-wise Vyas, who is also the narrator, does a good job of being the twisted brash Prince who becomes a CM. The vileness in his character is palpable and that keeps the series legit. Nidhi Singh is a crucial character and yet it has been quite neglectfully treated till the last. But I believe Permanent Roommates fans won’t be disappointed with their reunion. Jatin Sarna’s cop act is quite effective and even has some quirks attached to it. However, Tanya Kalra as Greshma stands out as the manipulative, vicious aide of Yudhveer. She does an excellent job bringing the character out perfectly.


-Interesting storyline

-Brilliant performances


-Try too cool to fit in

-Unexplained twists

Final Thoughts: Dark 7 White would have been just another political thriller without some great performances by Sumeet Vyas, Tanya Kalra, and Jatin Sarna. Watch it only for them.

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