Daimler begins manufacturing Freightliner eM2 electric trucks

Daimler has finally started producing its flagship medium-duty electric truck, , in its manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon. The company didn’t say when its first production units will be available but once they are complete, the vehicles will be delivered to select commercial leasing companies in the US and Canada.

The eM2 is powered by a battery-electric Detroit ePowertrain and is designed with 2-speed transmissions that minimize energy cost per mile. The truck’s driving range will depend on the battery capacity per model. The class 6 single-motor version that has a 194 kWh battery can drive up to 180 miles on a single charge. Alternatively, the class 7 dual-motor which is equipped with a 291 kWh battery can drive up to 250 miles on a single charge.

The Freightliner eM2 electric delivery truck, which has , was able to be recharged to during testing with Penske. But that test was four years ago, and the company didn’t say anything about recharge times in today’s news. Access to charging stations, like the ones being , will be essential for Daimler’s rollout of the eM2. In a similar regard, Volvo, which contends against Daimler in the EV long-haul trucking space, has been focused on of vehicles in its truck fleet. The Volvo FE electric truck, which competes against the eM2, has a range of up to 170 miles and is expected to be out for deliveries in autumn of this year.

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