Cuphead is adding free behind-the-scenes bonus content

Cuphead developer Studio MDHR is celebrating the indie game’s sixth anniversary by giving Xbox and Windows players free behind-the-scenes content. The DLC includes high-res photos, concept art, a video player and the entire soundtrack. The developer describes the bonus content as a “love letter” to fans on the game’s initial platforms. It will be available on Friday, September 29.

The Cuphead DLC will include over 100 behind-the-scenes photos, including “never-before-seen concepts and unused art pieces” from one of gaming’s most stylistic titles. Among the images is a peek at early concept art that Studio MDHR describes as akin to Microsoft Paint.

“With our process being so painstaking once we put pencil to paper, we often use paint tools during brainstorming sessions to communicate ideas very quickly to one another for the broad strokes of a boss attack or phase transition,” said MDHR co-director Chad Moldenhauer. “A few of these made their way into the photo gallery, and we think they’re a fun break from tradition for the more handcrafted art we usually put out!”

A stage-by-stage concept art for the game Cuphead. The title character progresses from simple pencil sketch to more detail (and refined pose) to a semi-final colored image.

Studio MDHR

The bonus content also includes the entire 86-track Cuphead soundtrack for the first time. In addition, a never-before-heard MIDI demo track will play in the background as you browse the stylized DLC menus.

Moldenhauer says the team wrestled with including music from The Delicious Last Course DLC as it was concerned about spoilers. “After much discussion, though, we came down on the side of giving the Xbox community access to as much of Kris’s great tunes as possible — especially as we feel most of the players enjoying a section like this will have experienced the full Cuphead game experience already!” said Moldenhauer. The song used over 110 musicians, more than on any tracks from the base game.

”We thought it would be fun to give this to our Xbox community as a gift on the game’s anniversary, as our Cuphead journey really started with the release on Xbox,” said Moldenhauer. “In game development, plans like that don’t always work out, but we were fortunate that all our testing and finalization for the update seemed to finish with enough time to launch on the game’s sixth birthday!”

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