Courtney Vucekovich Clarifies Bite-Mark Photo as ‘House of Hammer’ Docuseries Makes Edit

Armie Hammer Docuseries ‘House of Hammer’ Explores Cannibalism, Abuse Allegations and Family Trauma

Courtney Vucekovich, one of the Armie Hammer accusers who shared her story in House of Hammer, is speaking out to clarify a photo used in the Discovery+ docuseries that has come under question.

In the three-part series, which released on Friday, Vucekovich spoke of a months-long relationship with the Call Me By Your Name actor that she says left her traumatized and in a rehab facility. At one point, she shared a note left by Hammer for her at her apartment that read, “I thought this would be a cute note and it just says, ‘I’m going to bite the fuck out of you,’” she explains.

A bite-mark photo was shown while Vucekovich described alleged injuries sustained at the hands of Hammer, who has faced allegations of abuse and cannibalism. Some viewers claimed on social media that the image appeared to be of a bite-mark tattoo.

Discovery+ has now removed the photo from the series and replaced it with two new images.

“When you are love-bombed, you receive multiple images in rapid succession,” explained Vucekovich of the apparent mix-up in a statement to People. “During my time with Armie, I received numerous messages including countless images and videos. The bite mark shown was a photo sent by Armie within our archived text thread and over a year later, I believed it to have been a photo of me given that I have dozens of photos depicting his abuse on my body.”

She continued, “I have chosen to tell my story to shed light on what I experienced within my relationship in hopes others are not put in the same situation.”

A spokesperson for the production company behind the docuseries, Talos Films, also added in a statement, “We take seriously the responsibility of representing victims’ stories. When new information came forward about this series, we immediately began investigating it and will make any appropriate changes as quickly as possible. We are proud of those who came forward to share their truth to the public — including Courtney Vucekovich and Casey Hammer — and stand firmly behind the important message in this docuseries.”

The accusations against Hammer, as well as the Hammer family bloodline, are the subject of the now-streaming House of Hammer, with directors Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs using the sexual misconduct allegations, and cannibal-themed headlines that ricocheted across social media in early 2021, to explore other facets of the famous family over three hourlong episodes. Hammer exited several projects and was dropped by agency WME after he faced misconduct allegations, and an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department was launched.

Following the series’ release, Effie, the woman whose claims against Hammer launched the ongoing sexual assault investigation, spoke out about why she did not participate in the docuseries, saying, in part, “The way they’ve been exploiting my trauma is disgusting.”