Consequence of Lying to Your Car Insurance Company

Car insurance companies are very strict on their insurance packages and most times, they look at your details to be able to award you the necessary insurance. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find car insurance buyers looking for ways to falsify their details in the bid to reduce their premium and get cheaper car insurance quotes. In fact, research has that in the UK alone, over 10% of all drivers have lied at a point in time about their details or records while in the US, it is estimated at a whopping 27%. Details that are mostly lied about include the and address of the driver. In some cases, drivers have been known to leave out speeding tickets, drunken driving records and bans on driving they may have received.

Sadly, many drivers seem to think this is the norm and therefore lie about all these when they are applying for an insurance policy. And this is further influenced by the that the companies are mandated to pay and reward them. Most informed drivers know that falsifying your records is seen as fraud while the uninformed drivers think it is OK to lie about their records. The truth is insurance companies are beginning to catch up with this trend and are taking steps against the frequent occurrence of such acts. One of these steps is in the installation of software that will function as a lie detector and will compare all the different data for traces of irregularities. Besides this, insurance companies now have penalties that are meted out on culprits of this act. These include:

1. Cancellation of the Insurance Policy.

All culprits will lose their rights to any form of insurance with the company of they are caught. This means that all the monies paid prior to that time will not be retrieved or paid back and the driver will forfeit all attendant benefits.

2. All Claims will be lost and denied.

All drivers caught in the act of falsification will be denied all claims. During accidents, most drivers and car owners resort to the insurance company to offer some form of relief. Even if the claims are genuine, the insurance company will desist from making the required payment if it detects false information.

3. Blacklisting in all car insurance companies

Depending on the severity of the false information, most insurance companies will willingly blacklist the driver thus making it really hard for him to drive his car.

4. May pay Fines

If the driver is found guilty of severe falsification or under the insurance act, he would be required to pay the sum of one hundred thousand dollars and another two hundred thousand dollars if there are other offences discovered.

5. Jail Terms.

In Canada, all offenders could face up to ten years in prison and may be forced to pay a sum greater than five thousand dollars if found guilty. So whatever the case may be, it is in your best interest to tell the truth at all times.

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