Complete Guide To Hotdesking

Hotdesking is also called as flexi working or location independent working. This is a new concept in the industry and is gaining pace very rapidly. The concept works this way; the employees do not have a dedicated desk/cubicle/cabin to work in, they come to work and occupy the place which is free of which they have pre-reserved.

The concept of Hotdesking has technology as its backbone. It needs a considerable amount of money spent on technology and other infrastructure setup which is needed. There are advanced office systems which needs to be setup, in case the employees will be using the laptops/mobile phones procuring them will take time and most importantly the employees should be able to adjust to the new work .

The concept of Hotdesking is best suited for the company which has its large amount of staff out on the fields. Companies like sales, project management, consulting will find this kind of setup very beneficial. Hotdesking will drastically reduce the overheads and management costs per employee. This will create more space in the office to accommodate more and more amount of staff which really needs the office equipments to work with.

Some of the benefits of Hotdesking

  1. Reduced usage of office space. This means less square foots of office space is now needed.
  2. It helps the mobile employees keep effective correspondence with the fellow coworkers and the clients.
  3. The companies see some significant increase in savings in terms of infrastructure costs.
  4. Employees have the benefit of choosing the work location they are comfortable with. This means more employee satisfaction.
  5. The transport cost for the employees is also reduced. This means more savings for the company. The employees also do not feel the pinch as they do not have to travel long distances for work.
  6. Employees will be able to balance the work and personal life more efficiently now with Hotdesking.
  7. The concept of Hotdesking also increases the skilled pool. As this concept enables the companies to employ the people who are very skilled but are not comfortable in working in the traditional work environment.
  8. The concept of Hotdesking increases the collaboration ability among the employees.

The concept of Hotdesking is also very helpful in planning for disaster recovery planning. In case of an emergency a great amount of time, money and energy is needed to setup the alternate site for the employees to work. But in the case of Hotdesking concept the office setup is just handy. As the employees are given an option of using any desk and any office, they can use any facility and start working without wasting the precious productive time. The companies have also started including the concept of Hotdesking in their BCP/DR plans very consciously.

With the advancement of technology the concept of Hotdesking is picking up. It can undoubtedly be said that the next generation of workstations has arrived and are we ready to face it?

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