Come on Guys, Focus!

We’ve learnt so many things with the COVID-19 pandemic. I learnt that humans aren’t as much in control as they think. Not even powerful war ships that can destroy nations and heaps of money kept people from hiding in their houses, because they had no weapon against this virus, which isn’t even alive.

This minute virus, not even visible to the naked eye, destroys more people than any manmade war. The virus unsettled the whole world and people are living in fear. The financial markets collapsed. Businesses closed down. People lost their jobs. People are starving and steal in an attempt to survive.

That’s the reality.

But there are many positives too. People slowly realise what life is really about. Life is not about making money, but rather about relationships. God put us on earth firstly to be happy in our relationships. Money is not main focus. It’s not about the stuff and how much of it you can collect.

It’s about your relationship with your spouse and children. The relationship with your colleagues and employees is much more worth than the money they bring in, because when the money is gone, relationships remain. And it is these relationships that keep us going.

But there’s more to it. The relationship with our Creator is of crucial importance. When everything around us is destroyed, God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are still there for us. When people, even our loved ones, can hurt us, the Trinity will never abandon us.

This is the truth and something that you and I must always hang onto. So, after the author told us how special we are (1So, my dear Christian friends, companions in following this call to the heights, take a good hard look at Jesus), he gives us good advice: He’s the centerpiece of everything we believe…

Contemplate, reflect on and direct your mind to Jesus. Let Him be the centre of your everything. Allow Him to guide your thoughts in his direction. (First, I wanted to write ‘push’, but that’s not Jesus’ style. He doesn’t push or force you in a direction, but guides you softly towards it – if you want to and allow Him to!)

It’s difficult, because in times of struggle, like now, we allow ourselves to be driven by fear. We look no further than the struggle and the virus. That’s our focus, a focus that only draws amps, leaving us broken on the ground.

That’s now what Jesus does. Jesus is the One that pleads for us with God. He is the One that loves us so much that He was prepared to die for us on the cross. He will help us. He wants to help us. He cannot do otherwise but help us. He started helping us before we were even born.

So, stop focusing on the struggling and focus on God. Come on guys, focus!

Hebrews 3:1-6

What are you focusing on?
What should you focus on?
How should you think differently?

Jesus, thank you for all that You have done for me. How amazing You are. I confess that I am looking in the wrong direction and focusing on the wrong things. I really want to keep my focus on You. Please help me keep my eyes on You. I need to! Amen.

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