Coffee beans or capsule, which is better?

With the rise of coffee in capsules and the variety of flavors that are sold, many have decided to opt for this route when it comes to their favorite drink. However, others rate lifetime coffee as best . There is no middle ground here, but some of the existing differences can be explained.

Coffee beans are known to everyone and are the ones that must be ground to get the drink. It is important that this process is done shortly before preparing the coffee in order to enjoy purer and more intense flavor , although the thing is that it is already bought ground.

Instead, coffee in capsules is a dose of coffee powder that is sold wrapped in aluminum and plastic . The capsule is perforated and the boiling passes through it to extract all the flavor. There are many brands, from Dolce Gusto to Nespresso or Senseo.

Some of the great differences between coffee beans and capsule coffee is that the latter loses flavor compared to that of a lifetime , according to CAFÉ , in addition to being much more polluting  due to the aluminum that the capsules have … and components of the coffee itself coffee.

These capsules usually have furan, a regulated compound that is formed in the processing of coffee . It is also found in ground coffee as usual, but to a much lesser extent. The problem with encapsulating coffee is that it  does not disappear naturally , but remains until consumption.

Given this and the price, it is better to drink coffee like a lifetime , although many will not be convinced by this argument because of the comfort of the capsules or the variety of flavors that they usually buy.

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