Children’s Church – Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Sunday School Lessons

Children’s church is a place for the youth of your congregation to learn about the Bible and the teachings of your religion. It’s important to make your lessons interesting and interactive so that your class will better absorb the major points of Christianity.

Helping Hands Idea for Sunday School

This craft is a great way to spread the idea of how we can share and help others. First, supply each child with a large piece of poster board. Next, hand out construction paper and help the children trace the shape of their hand on many different colors.

Now is the time for children in your Sunday school to get creative. Ask each child to write down one way that they can help other people or share what they have with others. (If the group of children in your Christian Sunday school class is on the younger side, you can have them tell you what they would like the hands to say, and you can write the messages for them).

Now have your Sunday school class glue the hands to the poster board and decorate with pictures and stickers.

Memorizing Verses During Child Bible Study

All Sunday school curriculum typically include a verse (or many more) to memorize. Learning from the messages in the Bible is one important way to reiterate themes of your faith and religion to those in your children’s ministry.

But memorizing verses can be really difficult. This is one way to challenge your children’s church to memorize their verse-and reward them for a job well done!

First, write the Bible verse you want to study on a chalkboard or other large area that is easily seen by the children in your Sunday school class. Next, draw a maze beneath the verse. At the end of the maze, draw a heart. Now cover the maze with a piece of newspaper or a towel until you’re ready to take on the activity.

You will first have those in your children’s liturgy recite the verse together many times. Once the kids feel more comfortable reciting the verse, wipe away several words from the board and draw a line as a placeholder for each word you remove.

Now take away the covering from the maze and ask the children to raise their hands if they know any of the missing words. If they give a correct missing word, they get to decide which direction to go in the maze. The great thing about this Sunday school idea is that you can make it as easy or challenging as you’d like. When the class makes it to the end of the maze, tell them that the heart is a symbol of their hard work to put the word of the Bible in their hearts.

These are just two of many exciting ideas for you to bring into your children’s church.

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