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Benefits of Phytoplankton

May 3, 2022 Aditi 0

Phytoplankton is a single celled organism, which also known as microalgae. These are similar to terrestrial plants in that they contain chlorophyll and require sunlight [Read More]

human memory

What is a Memory?

April 27, 2022 Aditi 0

Memory refers to the process that are use to acquire, store, retain, and later retrieve information. There are three major processes involved in it: encoding, storage, [Read More]

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All About Glutathione

April 23, 2022 Aditi 0

Glutathione is basically a substance which is made from amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is produce by the liver and involved in [Read More]

Low Carb Fast Food

April 22, 2022 Aditi 0

When you’re consuming fast food, you don’t have to feel guilty about straying from your diet anymore as long as you know what you’re ordering. [Read More]