Car Hire – How to Select the Best Car Rental Company

When you are on holiday, the best way to explore the city or countryside is by car. This allows you the freedom to visit places that you want at your own convenience and time. But to this experience pleasant, it is important that you get a car hire from the best rental company. You must focus on getting the best bargain and also the right vehicle for your travel.

Here are some tips that will steer you in making the right car rental selection:

Getting the best bargain for your money applies to a car hire too. Go through advertisements or online websites and pick out three to five car rental firms. Make a comparison between the costs and the services offered by these companies before making your final selection. Remember to read the fine print; most often, companies will quote a figure with hidden charges. So make sure that the amount quoted is inclusive of all charges to nasty surprises later on.

Instead of just relying on the information available on a company’s website, make sure that you give a call to the customer service executive before finalizing the deal. This way, you will be able to gather more details regarding the cost, services offered, model and make of vehicle and also availability of special offers and discounts. A phone call will be able to clarify all your doubts and queries; the customer service provided will also give you a clue regarding the car hire company.

It is also important to clarify before- the charges that will be incurred for extra services. Some car rental companies can charge through the roof for drop-off services if the destination differs from your pick up point. Make sure that you discuss these before the is signed. Other services that will usually be charged extra include roadside assistance. This is an important service especially if you have elderly people travelling with you. So find out about the costs before-hand and sign the deal accordingly.

Enquire about the insurance policy offered by the car hire company. Usually, your personal insurance is more than enough to cover the rental car too. But it is important that you talk with your insurance agent regarding this before paying the heavy insurance fees levied by the rental firm. Keeping these tips in mind will help you book the right vehicle for your trip which fits exactly within your budget.

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