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Bouncing Back From Your Setbacks



While preparing this article, I started thinking about failures and setbacks. I have discovered that we all have experienced failures and setbacks at some point. In any arena or industry, the difference between the champions and everyone else is how they respond to the setbacks. I watched the movie ‘Invincible’ the other day. The title character in the movie was pursuing his dream of playing in the NFL for his hometown Philadelphia Eagles. He was a long shot and he knew it. He had not played college football and was not drafted into the NFL. Every morning before he went to practice, he had a habit of looking at a note in his locker. The note seemed to inspire him to perform at a higher level. He did this every morning without fail. It got to the point where I was talking to the TV screen asking, what is on that note? The note was a letter from his ex-wife informing him of the fact that she was leaving him and that he would never accomplish anything in life. He ultimately achieved his dream of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and proved that you can bounce back from your setbacks. My goal in this article is to show you three things that you need to bounce back from your setback. You too can bounce back from your setbacks and all you need is the following three things.

The first thing you need to bounce back from your setback is the Right Aim. When I refer to Aim I mean a vision. A vision helps to keep your setbacks in the right perspective. Noted author and speaker Dr Gene Mims said it best when he said “when you have a vision, circumstances will arise, but when you have no vision you are ruled by your circumstances.” It’s not enough to merely have a vision, the vision should be in writing. Did you know that 97% of the population is without a written vision or goals? Having the vision in writing would put you in the top 3 % of the population.

The 2nd thing that you need to bounce back from your setback is the Right Attention. By attention, I mean that your attention should be on the process of practice and preparation. The Olympic Gold Medalist does not win the medal at the games. The medal was really won during his time in isolation when he was practicing. If he has a setback in the games, he can improve his process of practice and preparation and this setback the next time. We can do the same. If we have a setback, we can take a step back, and improve our preparation and practice process and make a .

The 3rd and final thing that you need is the Right Attitude. Winston Churchill said it best when he defined success as the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. If you have the right aim and the right attention, you recognize that each setback is bringing you closer to your goal. I would like to introduce you someone that you may already know. His struggle will help to clarify what you need to bounce back from your setback. He was born into poverty, and lacked a formal education. He joined the Militia and obtained the rank of Captain. His leadership skills were so questionable that he was demoted down to the rank of Private. He met a nice young lady and was engaged to be married. She died of a sudden illness. This event caused him to have a nervous breakdown. He recovered and decided to open his own business. The business failed. He then decided that he would pursue a career in politics. He ran for a seat in his state legislature and lost. He ran for a seat in the US Congress and lost. He ran for a seat in the US Senate and lost. The individual that I am introducing you to you is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. In addition to the right aim and attention, he had to have the right attitude to overcome all of those setbacks.

If you have the right aim, the right attention and the right attitude, you too can bounce back from your setback.

Nirbhaya has been interested in doing something on his own from the days when he was in college. But, things didn’t favour him in the beginning, and he had to work for others. Later, he finally started as a news portal, and then never looked back. The website is gaining popularity every day. He puts all of his skills into his work and making his dream come true. He covers Tech and General news on this website.



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