Blink’s Outdoor 4 security camera offers sharper video day and night

Blink is today announcing its latest external security camera, the Blink Outdoor 4, which boasts better image quality, improved low-light sensitivity and a wider field of view. For the quality claims, the proof will be in the viewing, but in terms of hard figures, the field of view has increased from 110 degrees to 143 degrees. It says the better image quality both in day, and night, are thanks to the company’s latest slice of custom silicon, which offers on-device computer vision. What hasn’t changed is the claim of two years’ battery life before you’ll need to replace the pair of AA batteries nestled inside.

It’s the second Blink device to offer person detection after its wired floodlight camera, which was announced around this time last year. But that feature is only available if you opt for Blink’s add on subscription plan, which will set you back $3 a month or $30 for the year. Do so and you’ll also get the ability to get dual-zone motion detection and more fine-grain alerts depending on what’s going on in your yard. It’s available to order today, with $119.99 getting you one camera and a Sync Module 2, which enables you to hook the device to your local WiFi network.

At the same time, the company has taken the time to brag about its surge in popularity in the last year. It claims a more than 40 percent increase in sales, with more than 60 percent of that being to customers new to the brand. Of course, that’s probably aided in part by its focus on affordable hardware that’s been supercharged by Amazon’s regular, and generous, discounts on its first-party devices.

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