Bigg Boss: From Racism to Indecent Exposure, 5 Times Contestants Would’ve Been Sued for Inappropriate Behaviour if They Were in Real World (Watch Video)

Bigg Boss: From Racism to Indecent Exposure, 5 Times Contestants Would've Been Sued for Inappropriate Behaviour if They Were in Real World (Watch Video)

Rakhi Sawant tore Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti on TV in the reality show, Bigg Boss 14. The housemates took major offence over the act. But let us admit, this won’t be the first time when the makers of the show allowed the contestants to go a bit too far. There needs to be some onus on the showrunners to produce and show better content on national TV. Rakhi’s same act in the real-life might have fetched legal case against her. But in the house, she might walk away scot-free. This won’ be a first either. Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Tears Rahul Mahajan’s Dhoti in a Prank Gone Far; Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya Condemn the Act (Watch Video).

In the past, many acts of the contestants, over the seasons, were overlooked, whereas in real life, there would have been a legal proceeding. We are counting down 5 of the worst moments on Bigg Boss which might take one to the court, if replicated outside TV. Bigg Boss 14: From Rakhi Sawant, Jasmin Bhasin to Rubina Dilaik, How Female Contestants Have Kept the Show Alive.

When Aditi Govatrikar Pulled Down Raju Shrivastava’s Pants

Back then, the reality show was being hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, who, by any degree, wouldn’t have appreciated the content. In one of the episodes, during a pool party, ex Mrs India Aditi Govitrikar pulled down comedian Raju Shrivastava’s shorts, exposing him to the camera. The makers even showed the scene on Indian TV, with Raju’s rear blurred. But, it was enough to draw notice from broadcasting ministry, however, nothing happened beyond that.

In real life, this could have been charged as public indecency.

When Swami Om Threw Urine On Bani J

Swami Om is by far one of the worst contestants on Bigg Boss ever. The guru was often exposed as a fraud on the show as well as in the real world. You’d think that a man claiming to be the Godman would have more decency and ethics. In an episode, during a task, an irritable Swami threw his urine, after collecting it in a glass, on contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra, both of whom retaliated by attacking him.

Akash Dadlani Forcibly Kissed Shilpa Shinde

In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 11, controversial contestant Akash Dadlani forcibly kissed Shilpa Shinde on her cheek. She was shocked. Twitterati was left fuming after watching the moment on TV. “She used to spank me and hug me. So, I also hugged her back and kissed her a few times. But then it got a little extra and after that, she discussed it with Luv (Tyagi) which she should not have done. She could have told me if she was feeling awkward. I then apologised to her. In fact, I also apologised when I was leaving the house. She’s 16 years elder to me and I’m 24, she’s 40 so I only look at her as a big sister or mother figure,” Akash tried to explain his behaviour after his eviction.

Kushal Tandon Hits VJ Andy

On season 7, Kushal Tandon had developed a liking towards Gauahar Khan. When VJ Andy played a supposedly inappropriate prank on Gauahar, Kushal retaliated by hitting Andy on the show. The TV actor was asked to leave the show by the makers. Gauahar backed him and decided to walk out of the show with. Gauahar returned a day later. Hello, contract. Kushal returned a few days later. Hello, TRP.

Asim Riaz’s Racist Remarks

How did Asim Riaz get to be so famous? In the second episode of season 13, Asim referred to the African people as ‘kaale log‘. He even sang a small song about it, when contestants reprimanded him.

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