Bigg Boss 14 December 24 Episode: Arshi Khan Backstabs Rahul Vaidya and Makes Vikas Gupta the Captain, Rakhi Sawant’s Spookiness Freaks Housemates – 5 Highlights of BB14

Bigg Boss 14 December 24 Episode: Arshi Khan Backstabs Rahul Vaidya and Makes Vikas Gupta the Captain, Rakhi Sawant's Spookiness Freaks Housemates - 5 Highlights of BB14

Bigg Boss 14’s this episode will see Rahul Vaidya’s game plan continue to become the captain by hook or by crook. However, his friend Arshi Khan only backstabs him. What also follows the lady having a mental breakdown. Rakhi Sawant also gets possessed, now at the behest of either the makers of the show or for grabbing eyeballs on her own, we don’t know. Check out the other highlights below: Bigg Boss 14: After Hina Khan, Rakhi Sawant Also Sees A Winner In Rubina Dilaik.

Arshi Khan Paltofys The Game

Arshi Khan is called upon as the last contestant in the balloon ride. She turns the game and favours Vikas Gupta over her friend Rahul Vaidya. She says that Vikas is more capable of handling the house as a captain. Rahul is irked after Arshi changes the game and makes Vikas the captain. Bigg Boss 14 December 24 Synopsis: Rakhi Sawant Is Possessed By Julie, Item Girl’s Spooky Behaviour Shakes Up Other Bigg Boss Contestants.

Vikas Gupta Unhappy With Arshi Khan’s Decision

Vikas Gupta is shocked and unhappy that Arshi made him the captain and says he does not want any ehsaan. However, Aly and Rahul assure Vikas that they are not angry at him but Arshi for ditching them. He asks Arshi the reason and him that she did what she did to communicate to the audiene that she is not a bad person. Rubina tells Arshi that if Rahul is your friend then he will understand her.

Arshi Khan’s Guilty Conscious

Arshi Vikas that it was important to chose a captain who will the house in a better way. She adds that she did not know that her mazak was hurting him so much. She accepts that when Salman Khan told on the weekend ka vaar that she bad when she fund out that Vikas was doing the show as he was in dire need of money. She says her intent was to never snatch someone’s rozi roti and that was why she broke her word to Rahul Vaidya. She says she did what she felt was right. But Vikas tells her to think how she’ll look after breaking her word.

Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni’s Grand Plan

Rahul and Aly make a plan where they want to eliminate all the new challenger contestants. They plan to team up with all the BB14 contestants and get the challengers out. They talk to Eijaz about where his loyalties lie.

Rahul Mahajan Calls Rakhi Sawant And Her Fans Cheap

Rahul out at Rakhi over her taunts of him and calls her a cheap celebrity and her fans cheap. Aly calms him down and takes him away from her. Eijaz and Shonali pacify Rakhi who loses it and cries. She says she has struggled and asked for work and reached the spot where she is. Housemates pacify both of them. Vikas plays peacemaker and attempts to patch Rahul and Rakhi up.

Rakhi Sawant Gets Possessed

Either at the behest of show’s creatives or on her own accord, Rakhi Sawant is possessed by someone named Julie. Jasmin, Arshi, Sonali and Rubina are spooked. She then Eijaz that the spot where he sleeps is Julie’s place. Everyone is spooked when she says, “mai 200 saal se khush nai hun.” Vikas Gupta lies down peacefully in Julie’s lap.

In the next episode, we’ll see Vikas Gupta and Eijaz Khan get into a fight over a past topic involving a girl who was two-timing Eijaz and cheating on him with Vikas. Things get out of hand and Eijaz loses his temper.

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