Bigg Boss 14 December 22 Episode: Aly Goni Ditches Abhinav Shukla in the Captaincy Task; BJP Politician Sonali Phogat Enters the Show – 5 Highlights of BB 14

Bigg Boss 14 December 22 Episode: Aly Goni Ditches Abhinav Shukla in the Captaincy Task; BJP Politician Sonali Phogat Enters the Show – 5 Highlights of BB 14

We are back with yet another update of Bigg Boss 14. Yesterday’s (Dec 21) episode saw Vikas Gupta making a comeback on the show. And tonight (Dec 22) was all about manipulations and contestants showing their true colours. The show started with Vikas’ entry to which Arshi Khan was seen getting a tad bit insecure. Not just that, the reality show also saw a huge fight between Abhinav Shukla and Aly Goni. Bhartiya Janata Party’s politician, Sonali Phogat also entered as a wild card. In case, you have missed watching tonight’s episode, check out the highlights here. Bigg Boss 14 December 21 Episode: Rubina Dilaik Denies Rahul Vaidya’s Claim of Being Authoritative; Vikas Gupta Makes a Comeback – 6 Highlights of BB 14. 

Vikas Gupta Strikes Back

As Vikas Gupta re-enters the show, we see the mastermind doing what we does best. Upon arrival, he clears many claims levelled against him on the show. He tells Abhinav Shukla to come out strong and take a stand, thanks Jasmin Bhasin for voicing against Arshi Khan, also adds Eijaz Khan’s ugly allegation against him is absolutely fake.

Nikki Likes Aly, But The Man Loves Jasmin

Nikki Tamboli during an honest conversation with Rakhi Sawant confesses her feelings for Aly Goni. After Sawant claims that there is something brewing between Jasmin-Aly, Nikki reciprocates and says that no they are just close friends. Ahead, Tamboli also tells to Rakhi that if Aly proposes her, she will give a green signal. However, when Rakhi goes and tells all this to Aly, he concludes by saying she (Nikki) is a nice girl, but he only has feelings for Jasmin.

Arshi Tries To Ruin Rubina’s Captaincy

Arshi Khan makes a plan with Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya that she will pretend she has severe pain in her back and so will sleep. As a house rule, one cannot sleep during the day and as Arshi sleeps, Bigg Boss wakes her up by playing the loud sound. Captain Rubina comes to the rescue and upon seeing Arshi informs BB to send medical attention for her. Rubina got fooled. Hahaha!

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Sonali Phogat Enters As A Wild Card

After much talk on the internet, BJP politician, actress and also a TikToker, Sonali Phogat makes an entry on the show. She is the new wild card contestant. When she enters, Jasmin calms her down and tells not to feel nervous whereas Arshi scares Sonali by adding that survival in the BB house is not easy.

Abhinav Shukla VS Aly Goni

Bigg Boss introduces a new task which is all about the next captaincy. A hot air balloon is placed in the garden area where there are cotton sacks of the inmates, and one by one each contestant will get a chance to eliminate one sack each. Amid this, Aly Goni’s support for Rahul Vaidya irks Abhinav. Rubina and Abhinav tell Aly that they have always stood by him and Jasmin, but they didn’t see this coming. The men yell and scream and each other.

That’s it, guys! These were the top happenings from Bigg Boss 14 December 22 episode. Tuesday will see Vikas and Arshi once again at loggerheads wherein the former will hurt the latter in a task. Stay tuned!

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