Bigg Boss 14 December 11 Episode: Rakhi Sawant Grand Entry; Aly Goni’s Warning to Housemates About Eijaz Khan – 5 Highlights of BB14

Bigg Boss 14 December 11 Episode: Rakhi Sawant Grand Entry; Aly Goni’s Warning to Housemates About Eijaz Khan – 5 Highlights of BB14

Bigg Boss 14 house is going through a drastic change with the entry of the Challengers Manu Punjabi, Kashmera Shah, Rahul Mahajan, Arshi Khan and Mastermind Vikas Gupta. We get to see different twists every day that disrupts the peace in the Bigg Boss house and make every bit of the show even more interesting. The Nomination task finally got over yesterday and contestants Kashmera Shah, Rahul Mahajan, Arshi Khan, Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan got nominated for evictions. Arshi and Vikas’s fight got ugly and the mastermind was so hurt by Arshi’s comment that he got all teary-eyed in front of Abhinav. He also had an argument with Kashmera. Bigg Boss 14 December 10 Episode: From Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta’s Heated Argument to Jasmin Bhasin Missing Aly Gony – 5 Highlights of BB14.

Today, the dynamic between Arshi-Vikas and Kashmera-Vikas have changed. But that won’t be the focus of today’s episode. Vikas is giving some juicy deets to Abhinav about things that are being talked about in the outside world about the actor. Rakhi Sawant has also entered the house today and has already become the highlight of the episode. Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni also have entered the house and have brought a lot of info for thier fellow housemates. The episode was full of gossip sessions, laughter and shocking twists. Check out the 5 highlights of today’s episode right here!

Vikas Gupta’s Shocking Revelation About Kavita Kaushik

Vikas shares a piece of very private and unexpected information from the outside world with Abhinav. He tells him that Kavita and her husband Ron have alleged that Abhinav used to drink heavily and call Kavita at inappropriate times. He adds that Kavita had helped her during the shooting of a short film but he did not respect that as well. Abhinav goes into a shock and immediately shares this development with Rubina Dalaik. She gets quite furious and decides to address this issue the moment they exit the house. They confirmed the news with Aly and have decided to file a defamation case against Kavita and her husband Ron.

Arshi, Kashmera Take Revenge From Vikas

Vikas and Arshi’s equation is getting worse day by day and now Kashmera is also not very happy with Vikas’s behaviour. Kashmera calls her ‘Shakuni’ mama. Aly also got upset with Vikas because he told Abhinav about the Kavita issue as he thinks Vikas is trying to ruin their game and peace of mind. Kashmera wanted to take revenge for whatever he has done and took his pillow and wrote, ‘Jalebi’ on it. Arshi stole his towel and eggs as well. Vikas is feeling targeted and vents out to Rahul about it.

Rakhi Sawant In The House

The wait is over and Rakhi Sawant has finally entered the Bigg Boss house after 13 long years! Rakhi promised entertainment and from the moment she entered the house, there was a whole lot of happiness and smiles in the Bigg Boss House. While she suggests Arshi that she will protect her, the two are seen clashing with each other. She goes on to call Arshi as a Shilpa Shinde copy and kept on making fun of her. Bigg Boss 14 December 09 Synopsis: Challengers and Contestants Decide to Play Divide and Rule in the Bigg Boss House!

Jasmin Bhasin Crys A River After Seeing Aly Goni

Jasmin Bhasin, who has been asking Bigg Boss to send Aly Goni back in the house, cannot hold back her tears when she sees Aly in the confession room. She tightly hugs him and starts crying. Aly, however, has come prepared and has several observations to make about Jasmin’s game. He warns her about Vikas and tells her not to forget what he has done to them in the past. He also takes on Eijaz and warns Rubina, Jasmin and Abhinav about how Eijaz is pretending to be nice.  He tells then how Eijaz has been talking behind other housemates’ backs. Aly tries to get Nikki on his side too by convincing her that Eijaz is not a nice guy.

Eijaz Khan Happy To See Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli also is back on the show and Eijaz is most happy to see her. The two share the most compassionate hug and Eijaz seems to look relaced after seeing Nikki. She also warns Nikki about Aly who has been bad-mouthing him since the time he has come back in the house.

The episode was absolutely entertaining, all thanks to Rakhi Sawant. It will be fun to see how she entertains us in the coming episode. Aly and Jasmin have made some promises to each other during this episode, we now will wait to see if these to stick to it. Will Vikas be able to overcome these hurdle and how will Nikki and Eijaz’s relationship bloom, find the answers to all this right here. Stay tuned to Latestly for all the latest updates from the show.

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