Benefits to the Educational Sector With Improving Connectivity

Improvements in educational connectivity imply that each one of the stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, industry and government – are provided with relevant connectivity; and greater numbers are bought into the connectivity fold.

With improving digital connectivity a greater number of students can now be brought into the academic umbrella. Although, in urbanized areas the of connectivity may not pose a great challenge but for children in the far flung areas, connectivity or a lack thereof, is a major issue in the delivery of education. Bringing together institutions, teachers, parents, government and industry onto one platform means that the quality of education improves alongside the expansion of those covered under the educational schemes.

Improvements in connectivity means that children can participate in virtual classrooms and educational material transferred to them without the physical need for them to be present at a school or institution. For the students, especially those living in the far flung areas of the country, remote classrooms couldn’t here sooner. Such that, they have a greater access to the best lecturers, can participate in online workshops and collaborate with students from different parts of the country and world.

Currently, most of the rural children have to either depend on radio connectivity or sketchy internet options to be able to have access to quality education and research opportunities. This scenario is fast expected to undergo a massive change with the National Broadband Network. This will enable a paradigm shift in availability of connectivity & broadband access, thereby improving educational pursuits. Connectivity improvements also aid collaborations between institutions, students and faculty. Thus is it is actively evidenced that connectivity greatly enriches and stimulates the learning environment. The need of hour would be to improve learning environments, offer better exposure for students, and give improved connectivity options to facilitate both.

Various governments across the world are looking to improve the connectivity paradigm. Education and educational pursuits is one of the key areas of focus for National Broadband Network with thousands of students from the remote corners of Australia now expected to be part of the digital landscape.

Educational institutions will be quickly required to move into this space and exploit the ever improving connectivity options. Newer teaching and learning methods will need to be evolved as a greater number of students will be virtual than present in the physical. Connectivity will provide students with a great tool to augment their learning and share their worldview. Students can greatly benefit from improved access, expanded digital libraries and virtual content.

Overall improvements in connectivity stand to greatly enhance learning opportunities and environment. Students not only learn better, but it helps to have improved connectivity with parents and other stakeholders. Improved connectivity within and outside educational institutions stands to expand learning horizons.

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