Batgirl Shelved: Plot Rumours Go Viral Post Cancellation of Leslie Grace’s DC Film; All You Need to Know About the Shelved Batman Spinoff

Batgirl Shelved: Plot Rumours Go Viral Post Cancellation of Leslie Grace's DC Film; All You Need to Know About the Shelved Batman Spinoff

In a really unprecedented move, Warner Bros has shelved the upcoming Batgirl film. Shot and already being tested among audiences, the film was en route for a Holiday 2022 release on HBO Max (with some rumours stating it might get shifted to 2023 with a theatrical release). The film starred Leslie Grace in the role of Barbara Gordon and would have seen her take on Brenda Fraser’s Firefly. Batgirl Shelved: Blue Beetle Director Likes Tweets From Fans Wanting His Movie to Be Safe Amidst Cancellation of Leslie Grace’s DC Film.

The film was apparently cut as a result of change in leadership at Warner Bros. With the company now being a part of Discovery, CEO David Zaslav seeks to change plans by making sure that every DC film fits their narrative of being a blockbuster. Unfortunately, Batgirl didn’t fit into that narrative and was scrapped. There is also the reason of it being cancelled due to tax related issues, which means WB/DC legally can’t release this film now since they would be then making a profit off from it. So, any hopes you had of watching the movie in the future are pretty much squandered now.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl:

But, fret not, as internet leakers have you covered. A very known and reliable leaker by the name of ViewerAnon on Twitter has been holding on to information on the film and has been leaking it out now. You can check out some of the main leaked points below.

Michael Keaton Was in Five Scenes

A Tweet From ViewerAnon (Photo Credit: Twitter)

After appearing first in The Flash that would have established him as the main Dark Knight of DCEU going forward, Michael Keaton would then be seen next as Batman in Batgirl. The actor reportedly had an extremely short role in the film and only appeared in five scenes. He wouldn’t have trained Barbara Gordon, but at the end of the movie would have teamed up with her as both of them would fly off. It also reveals to us how Barbara would have gotten her suit. She would apparently dress up as Batman for a Halloween party and tweak the suit then to make it her own.

Brendan Fraser’s Firefly

A Tweet From ViewerAnon (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Fraser was set to play the Ted Carson version of the character from the comics, but with a few changes. Apparently, Carson would have been working for a mob boss and would leave him to join a normal job. He would then be fired from that job and turn to a life of crime when his health insurance would have been cancelled and his wife would have become extremely sick.

JK Simmons Was Fantastic as Gordon

A Tweet From ViewerAnon (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Apparently from test screenings, JK Simmons was also noted as a highlight. Being a standout, the leaker has mentioned that he was fantastic as Commissioner James Gordon. While not much is known about his role here, it looks like it would have been a treat to see his role.

Killer Moth’s Role In the Film

A Tweet From ViewerAnon (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Killer Moth was reportedly set to make his appearance in the film as well. Which actor would have played him still remains unknown, but the movie would have seen his try to kill Bruce Wayne. Later on Firefly would have killed him.

Batgirl From the Comics (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

While the leakers have just mentioned these plot points till now, there were a bunch of other factors present in this film as well. The Batgirl film was set to be based on the comic book, Batgirl: Year One. The comic brought about the modern origins of Batgirl turning into the hero we know and love. The suit was also directly inspired by that of Batgirl: The Batgirl of Burnside.

The comic book also saw Barbara Gordon take on the villain of Killer Moth and Firefly as well. The story there would have seen her don a costume of her own and prove Batman’s scepticism wrong. According to leakers, the film very followed this plotline very closely.

Michael Keaton as Batman in Batgirl:

There is also the addition of Michael Keaton’s Batman here and there would have been some worldbuilding relating around his universe too. While it’s still not clear how Michael Keaton would have end up being the Batman for the main DCEU. It looks like his world would have been merged with the mainline universe at the end of The Flash.

From set photos, there were references to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman present in Batgirl. A mural from the set also revealed that this universe’s Batman had a Robin as well, but his appearance wasn’t confirmed for the movie.

Mural of Robin in Batgirl:

Whatever it may be, this is quite the sad news considering many hard-working folks brought their passion and energy to this movie. The first Latina female lead movie from DC, Batgirl was going to create history. Matters are only made worse considering the directors for the film, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, got the news of it during Adil’s wedding in Morocco. It just makes one wonder, why would WB not do anything with The Flash that has a lead who led the authorities on a manhunt, while a film like Batgirl gets shelved for tax related reasons. Batgirl Shelved: Cancelled DC Film’s Co-Director Adil El Arbi Got Married in Morocco a Day Prior to His Movie’s Cancellation; Will Smith Attended As Guest (View Pics).

The cancellation of Batgirl has also thrown up doubt on many other upcoming DC releases like Blue Beetle. With the director liking tweets from fans asking for WB to not cancel his film, things seem really bleak for DC fans right now.

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