Baseball Vs Cricket, Which is better?

We are playing these two games since childhood. There was always a conflict about baseball and cricket that which one is better. This conflict does not end, but it gradually increases with the time. These both the games are played with a ball and a bat but still they have differences. Here are the some differences and similarities between cricket and baseball.

Pitch of Baseball and Cricket

A pitch in cricket is the strip of ground between the two wickets, whereas a pitch in baseball is referred to the delivery of the ball by the pitcher. It is believe that cricket was start in about 16th Century. With the time it keep developing and changing and finally in 18th Century became the national game of England. The style of bowling and the design of the bat evolved somewhere around the 19th century. Cricket as we see it today is totally different from the one played in the past. Many changes in the rules have taken place to make cricket a safe and entertaining game.

 The origins of baseball can be traced back to the 1700s, whereby it was played in a triangular field unlike a diamond one, and employed posts instead of bases. Although the game originated in England, it migrated to Northern America via some English immigrants. Unlike cricket, the early form of baseball had quite a lot in common to modern baseball, including bowling, batting, and running to score runs. However, the objective of the early form of baseball (called stool ball), which was played between two teams, was for one team to hit a target, while the other team was to defend it using a bat. If the ball hit the target, the batter was declared out. Baseball too underwent several modifications leading to the modern bat-ball game that we see today.

Cricket field

A cricket field requires a minimum area of 17,556 square meters. The horizontal length between the two square boundaries shall be a minimum of 137.16 meters, with the shortest part from the center (of the pitch) being at least 59.43 meters. Likewise, the distance between the straight boundaries should be a minimum of 128 meters. No boundary should exceed a total of 82.29 meters from the center of the pitch. Also, a minimum 2.74 meters should be maintained between the boundary and the surrounding fencing (advertising signs); this is necessary to avoid injuries to a fielder when diving.

Baseball Field

The baseball field bears a typical shape like that of a diamond. The infield is a 27.43 meter square, each corner of which has a base (home, first, second, and third in an anti-clockwise sequence). The home is the one where the two foul lines converge. Any ball played past the foul lines is considered a foul. The home base plate is a pentagon, it’s parallel sides are 8.5 inches, the base is 17 inches, and the remaining two sides measure 12 inches each and are set at an angle to meet at a single point. Both sides of the home plate have two batter boxes, one for a right-handed batsman, and the other for a left-handed one. Each batter’s box is 1.8 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. Exactly behind the home plate is a catcher’s box which measures 2.43 meters in length, and a width of 1.09 meters.

Format to play


Cricket is a team sport, essentially played among two teams, each consisting of 11 players. The batting team has 2 players (batsmen) at a time on the field, whereas the bowling team has 1 bowler, 1 wicket-keeper, and 9 fielders. Every team has players that specialize in either batting or bowling (or sometimes both – all rounder). A well-balanced team mostly has 5/6 batsmen, and a similar number of bowlers. This makes the team stronger in both dimensions of the game.


Unlike cricket, baseball is played in 9 innings. Two teams of 9 players each compete to score more runs than the other team. On every inning, one team bats and the other one bowls. Of the batting team, a maximum of 4 players can be present on the field, whereas the team to bowl has to use a pitcher, a catcher, and 7 fielders – 4 on the infield and 3 on the outfield. The ‘away/visiting team’ bats in the first half of every inning, whereas the ‘home team’ bats in the second half. In contrast, an inning in cricket itself refers to one half of the game. One half of the inning in baseball ends when 3 outs are recorded (no ball restrictions). So basically, a baseball tournament is a series of nine individual matches.



Two wooden bats, wooden wickets and leather ball with safety gears for the players. These are the basic equipment use in games. The color of ball vary with the type of game played like sometimes it is red or sometimes it is white.


A game of baseball requires a bat, a ball, bases, mitts and protective equipment. Balls in baseball are made of a cork core, and are tightly wound by string or yarn. The outer casing is made of leather, and is made of two portions that are stitched together. However, unlike cricket, the ball doesn’t have any separately stitched seams. In baseball, balls are always white in color with red stitches.

Similarities between Cricket and Baseball

  • The distance between the pitcher/bowler and batter/batsmen in both sports is somewhat similar. It is 18.39 meters in baseball, and 20.12 meters in cricket.
  • In both sports, at any point of time, all players of only one of the two teams are present on the field.
  • Also, the ultimate objective of both sports is to score more runs than the opponent. The concept of hitting the ball and taking a run is similar in both games.
  •  The role of players too has a lot in common among the two. There is a batsman/batter, a bowler/pitcher, wicket-keeper/catcher, fielders, and umpires.