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‘Bacurau’ and its paradoxical argument about globalization




One of the great advantages of the new boom in online content is the possibility of enjoying a completely different type of cinema than the one we are used to. An exploration in author stories, but also in the way cinema is transforming. In the case of Bacurau , by Kleber Mendonça Filho, it is also a delightful journey through the cinematographic as a vehicle to get to know and delve into the way in which we understand the current world and its possible variants.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Bacurau is his subjective gaze on an objective subject: Mendonça Filho’s film tells the story of a Brazilian community that is determined to confront modernization and modernization with all the weapons that its most -rooted customs offer them . And while it seems like a benign metaphor for identity and the search for a reason to understand the personal in the midst of mass culture, it is also a journey toward more complicated ideas about the modern individual.

Mendonça Filho takes power relations, new perceptions about communication and contemporary cultural ambitions to contextualize the daily struggle of a small community. This curious scale allows you to understand the motivations of your script from a new perspective and also create the feeling that the narration could happen anywhere and at any time. The timeless allows Bacurau to spread like a strange optic that encompasses the individual as part of a system, but also the small exceptions that distance him from the common center of things.

Bacurau and its effects game

All of the above through an character that, as in other director’s works, is sustained on the basis of character and the desire to remain to build something more powerful. To create the necessary tension for a small work but with great ambitions, Mendonça Filho makes interesting decisions such as starting the film from a wide – and almost magical – plane, and  then focusing his attention on a common couple crossing a dark road. Teresa (Barbara Colen), a native of that gives the film its title, is the first face the camera focuses on.

The thoroughness of the resource seems to give it a curious role, which is really nothing more than a deceptive resource to narrate the thousands of peripheral situations that support this strange script, which often opts for traps and mirror games, to lead the viewer to the very center of history. Teresa is the context, but she is not the center of the action and by the time the story makes it clear it is evident that it will be a trick that the narration will use over and over again.

The film has a lot of magical realism: there are a lot of splintered coffins, a radiant mountain in the dark, dreamlike landscapes that baffle for their beauty. All of the above together with a pragmatic vision of time that Mendonça Filho brings to the narration with unexpected blows.

Political posters show real Brazil, while small bites of hallucinogens – which the characters mistake for a joyous sense of freedom -  turn the scene into a radiant mix of colors and sounds. In Bacurau nothing is what it seems, nothing makes real sense, nothing is real unless the camera focuses and contextualizes it. Perhaps the most unusual in the midst of a rather sober narration.

The peculiarity of its characters

Bacurau is full of an extravagant fauna of inexplicable characters: from a sweet prostitute, a heartbroken doctor, a who does not understand too much his return to common life … The town is a melting pot of very strange versions of the reality that It has the same intention: to create the sensation that in reality, the film is an oral narration that is not lavished in a simple way . As if it were a substitute for the legendary Macondo de Garcia Marquez, Bacurau is better understood from its characters – those without names and those who are destined to lead the viewer through its intricate streets – than from the scenes they star in.

Of course, in Bacurau not everything is dreamlike or lacks connection with the real world. Modern life is manifested in deficiencies and it is just that common thread with what happens beyond the magical borders of the tiny town, which makes the script have an unusual three-dimensional quality.

Everything seems to happen at the same time: while in Bacurau the extraordinary situations follow one another, on the other side there are disputes over the supply routes closed to endemic violence, food is not enough for everyone and there is a very clear connotation of the very pragmatic and realistic rigors suffered by the villagers.

But even so, the film has enough evocative power to narrate an apparently small story, which ends up surprising for its power, beauty and eloquence. As if from the rickety wooden doors of the town, another new and unknown universe could be seen. Perhaps its greatest strength.

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