Automobile Sales Professional Or Order Taker?

An Order Taker acts like a server in a restaurant or coffee shop. “Can I help you?” or “Have you decided what you’ll have?” That is the selling style of an Order Taker. You find them in shoe stores, boutiques, clothing shops, and, unfortunately, all too often in car salespeople.

OTs, pronounced “O Tees”, Order Takers, don’t care whether you return or not. They don’t care whether you purchase today or ever. OTs are clock watchers. And, when quizzed about their job, generally answer “This is just a fill-in until I find something better. for car salespeople who work like Order Takers are generally just above poverty level.

OTs are the kind of salespeople who don’t look for ways to truly satisfy the person in front of them, the prospect. They don’t care about car buyers; whether they shop at their automobile dealership or elsewhere. For OTs, interacting with potential buyers is just a job. Order Taker car salespeople who miss selling opportunities are often heard mumbling things like “They were just kicking tires.” or “He’s a lot lizard.

For career Automobile Sales Professionals, selling is a passion. It makes no difference if their product is low end or high end. It makes no difference if the vehicle sale is a hundred thousand dollar deal or a five thousand dollar one. To car salespeople who are professionals, selling is all about the person, the prospect, the couple in front of them.

Zig Ziglar coined it best, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Car Sales Professionals establish a , a relationship, first. Automobile sales champions strive to understand the prospect’s needs, wants, issues. They gleam as much information as possible to provide an appropriate solution. The automobile selling professional understands the Ziglar philosophy – focus on the prospect, not the commission. Help buyers get what they want and the dollars, the commissions, will follow.

So who are you – an Automobile Sales Professional or an Order Taker? Are you a student of the art of selling? A patriot of the sales profession? Or an OT? Not sure. Contact the last three people, the last three car sales opportunities you had, and ask them. Better still, look at your last commission voucher. It is a mirror of your sales ability.

Remember: Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Sales Champions Make It Happen!

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