Attraction Marketing, Eddie Chiles and a MLM Network Marketing System

Do you know who Harrell Edmonds “Eddie” Chiles is?

Chiles was known for his 1970s radio commentaries. His trade-mark sign-on “I’m Eddie Chiles, and I’m mad as hell,” created an incredible demand for bumper stickers that read “I’m mad too, Eddie!”

I actually don’t remember who Eddie was but I do remember the “I’m Mad Too, Eddie” Bumper Stickers.

Now what does Eddie Chiles have to do with MLM/Network Marketing? Actually a lot. More specifically the “I’m Mad Too, Eddie” Bumper Stickers.

Take the Attraction Marketing Guru’s… When it comes to them, I gotta pull out my Eddie Chiles “I’m Mad Too, Eddie” bumper sticker and proudly display it.

Why? Because the attraction marketing guru makes it sound so easy. Just throw up a website and you are in business and people will be flocking to your website in droves…

Not gonna happen…

OK, I can hear you now… I hear you saying “Al, your article sounds mighty hypocritical since you are using Attraction Marketing concepts at your website What do you have to say about that?”

Guilty as charged, yes I do use the Attraction Marketing concept at my site, because it flat out works, but I have a twist that others don’t use.

I am getting ahead of myself here, so let me explain what I mean before I start a riot by talking out of one side of my mouth and preaching something else out of the other.

For the unlearned let me explain Attraction Marketing as I understand it.

Attraction Marketing simply is through the use of your website and/or blog and the articles that you write, the comments you make and just the general items that you place on your site such as a products with a glowing recommendation, makes others drawn to you (attracted).

You may write an excellent article that others love and that others want to share. They may repost it to social media sites such as Facebook or they may mention it on Twitter. The readers of this article like it so much that they visit your site and spend time on your site.

They like your site so much, they trust your recommendation. You may have recommended a Facebook course that they liked and got good results with and would be inclined to purchase it.

While spending time on your site they see that you also promote a MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity. They then join you, thinking “WOW, if they have such good content on their site, they gotta be a GREAT Sponsor”. I wish this were always the case.

Just because someone has good content, doesn’t mean that they would make a good sponsor into your MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity. They may be, but then they might not.

The problem with this philosophy is this, once you join them, then what? Most people don’t have a system in which to direct you to. Are they going to tell you to do the same thing that they did?

What if this is your 1st time online? Do you know what a URL is? Do you know how to build a website? Are you a good copyrighter? Do you know how to set up an autoresponder?

Do you need an “I’m Mad Too, Eddie” Bumper sticker, at this point?

I would bet an Attraction Marketer MLM/Network Marketing leader would have a downline a mile wide and an inch deep.

What do I mean by this? They are so good at attracting people that come to their site for the great articles, the great recommendations and the other great content that they join whatever MLM/Network Marketing Company that they are promoting. They then say “Sick Em” go make your list of 100 people and build your company.

They can’t help you because all they know is Attraction Marketing. Most will fail. That is the said truth. It isn’t the fault of Attraction Marketers. That is all they know. It works great for them, but they have been at it for a while. Will it work for you? Maybe, but doubtful.

Yes, when it comes to Attraction Marketing without a system, I proudly where my “I’m Mad Too, Eddie” bumper sticker, and you should too.

So, the bottom line… Most people don’t know how or don’t have the desire to do attraction marketing.

What is left for the rest of us to do? A system. Attraction Marketing is not a system. But if you have a system there is hope. Build it and they will come.

Eddie, I am no longer mad… I have a system!

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