Are We Too Computer Dependent?

In our everyday life, many of us expect smooth functioning of our day to day tasks so that we can make our lives easy. As technology is growing at a quicker pace nowadays, it is obvious that we in our society are increasingly computer dependent and other smart gadgets like smart phones. Essentially speaking, computers are becoming the essence of our modern day generation. Hence, the entry of computers in our lives has not only brought immense help to us. But also given us great amount of relief. It is amazing to note that more and more people of the present day younger generation use computers.  

Various different aspects are held responsible for this addiction. Like the first and the more obvious reason is that it is good source to time pass, makes work easier.

 Computers in Early Stage

With the infiltration of computers in today’s digital world. It is a fact that starting at a young age itself, children have started learning to use the computer effectively. So, by the time they grow and enter their college, it is possible that they might be addict to the computers for a long time. The reason is that they are obsessed to the functions of the computers.

 One of the primary benefits that we can derive from using a computer is that it gives us an increased manual deftness to operate a computer. We can use the keyboard and mouse at ease. But on the other hand, we can observe that children can lose the increase fine motor skills that are associated with their writing. However, it is a fact that hand writing is an essential skill. Which we may find it hard to replace in this world of technology. Though computers have captured their place in today’s world, its constant usage in young age sometimes drives away the skill for independent thinking.

Too Computer Dependent

The basic reason for us to be too dependent on computers is that we can get answers to our questions through web browsing. For this purpose, we always spend too much time. However, when we use the computer for learning, they are consider as an essential tool for today’s modern lifestyle. The discovery of computers has been found efficient and effective. No doubt, with the help of computers, we can gain access to numerous resources like databases, software, educational websites, marketing websites, and social networking. Students studying in their 10th and 12th standard classes can take up online courses for preparation to other examinations. They can also take up online mock tests from their home itself without attending any class outside. We can find that computers are use for fast and easy way to do research, which is obviously consider as faster than reaching out to any library.

The use of computers and its total dependency has enabled us to access resources that we need for developing construction and creativity, with ease. We can get connect with anyone across the globe within a short span of time. In fact, we are dependent on computers too much. They are an excellent gadget to assist students and help them to learn in a better way. We can be more productive in solving our tasks. In this modern era of digital age, advancement in computers has made our life style change tremendously. Some of the useful advantages that we can derive by using computers include:

  • We can produce documents easily
  • Business can be handle efficiently
  • Photos and videos can be edit without difficulty
  • Many ideas can be share globally
  • Huge amount of data can be store
  • Work can be done very fast and accurately
  • Easy to bridge cultural gap

All these pointers indicate that computers form a vital part in many people’s lives.


The invention of the computer is of course a boon to our society as it forms the pivot of modern lifestyle. As information related to any topic is readily available through the internet, we cannot ignore its relevance in our lives. On the other hand, to become an addict and be too dependent on computers has its negative impact as well.