Anurag Kashyap Claims He Helped Aanand L Rai When Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu Was Stalled (Read Tweets)


Kangana Ranaut is busy discussing everything wrong with Bollywood according to her, post Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. She claims to be fighting for outsiders but doesn’t feel fazed to pull two of the outsiders down, Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker, just to prove a point that makes no sense. Yesterday, she claimed she started parallel cinema. She obviously hasn’t heard about Bimal Roy or Shyam Benegal. Anyway, everything she is mouthing is creating controversies with many from the industry slamming her for irregularities. Anurag Kashyap took to Twitter to tell off a user that he helped Aanand L Rai when Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu was in a fix. Ranvir Shorey and Anurag Kashyap Get Into a Heated Discussion on Twitter After Former Calls Out ‘Hypocrisy of Independent Film-Crusaders’ (Read Tweets)

Kashyap replied to a Twitter user who called him a ‘puppet of Bollywood gang mafia’. The filmmaker replied that he is not affiliated with any big production house but started his own to make his kind of films.

मेरी रोटी Bollywood से नहीं चलती । मेरी फ़िल्म करने कोई Dharma, Excel या YRF या कोई studio नहीं आता । खुद नयी company बनानी पड़ती है और खुद बनाता हूँ। कंगना के पास जब कोई काम नहीं था तब Queen बनायीं थी। तनु weds मनु जब अटक गयी थी उसे खतम करने के लिए – cont— Anurag Kashyap (@anuragkashyap72) July 21, 2020

Here’s the help he gave to Kangana Ranaut’s movie…

मैंने आनंद राय को मदद की थी और financiers से मिलाया था । चाहे तो पूछ सकते हैं। मैं नाम ले कर बोल रहा हूँ और बोलूँगा जो सच है ।

— Anurag Kashyap (@anuragkashyap72) July 21, 2020

Anurag had earlier tweeted about how Kangana was one of his close friends. She used to always encourage and support him. But now she has become someone else and he doesn’t know her anymore. We just wonder when will this needless debate end.

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