Antonio Banderas Birthday Special: From Desperado to Shrek 2, Five Best Films of the Famed Spanish Star!

Antonio Banderas Birthday Special: From Desperado to Shrek 2, Five Best Films of the Famed Spanish Star!

Antonio Banderas is a stylish and suave actor the likes of whom we come across very rarely. Filled with charm and masculinity, he does his job ever so effortlessly. Many of his characters have an imposing persona to them, and Banderas has perfected that. Sometimes with his stern face, you will almost wonder if you have done something to disappoint the man. Antonio Banderas Birthday Special: From Desperado to The Laundromat, 11 Movie Quotes of the Spanish Star That You Should Check Out!

His movies are equally amazing too. Having a wide variety of genres covered, Banderas has continuously provided us with challenging and hard-hitting films while at the same time covering some fun ones as well. So, to celebrate Antonio Banderas’ 62nd birthday, let’s take a look at five of his best film films.


A neo-western action film helmed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Banderas in the lead, this was quite the adventure. Being a sleek and stylish film, Desperado sees El Mariachi sets on an adventure filled with revenge and action as he sees to kill the drug lord that murdered his lover.

The Mask of Zorro

Being a reboot of this iconic character, Banderas stepped up to the duty of portraying the successor to Zorro. Featuring the original Zorro played by Anthony Hopkins, the film sees him escape from prison and with the help of successor, Alejandro Murrieta played by Banderas, avenge his wife. With a romance blooming in sight too, this film has it all from action to love.

Shrek 2

How do you follow up to an animated film that was perfect already? Well, you make it even more perfect in every right. Shrek 2 is by far one of the most well-developed sequels you will ever see, and the scope of it will surely amaze you. Featuring Shrek as he travels to meet Fiona’s parents, the film is filled with all the magic of the previous installment and even more. It also gives us Banderas voicing the fatally charming Puss in Boots – a character that has become quite the icon in pop culture.


An erotic thriller that features a young Banderas who falsely confesses to committing murders that he had no hand in, there was nothing that could go wrong here. Perfect in execution from a committed performance from the leads, this is quite the 100 minutes you will embark on.

Pain and Glory

Banderas has never been this good. Pain and Glory is the perfect display of the talent this man possesses, and he gives it his all over here. Playing the role of filmmaker Salvador Mallo, a man with a bunch of regrets in his life, the movie is a perfect exploration of guilt, trying to cope with it and proving one’s own self. Pain and Glory Movie Review: Antonio Banderas Shines in Pedro Almodóvar’s Reflective, Moving and Artistic Autobiographical Drama.

There is no doubt about it that Banderas is one of the most talented actors working today. We can see him next in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 and we are sure he is going to give another powerhouse of performance there. With this, we finish off the list and wish him a very happy birthday.

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