An animated series of ‘Splinter Cell’ would come to Netflix from the hand of the creator of ‘John Wick’

An animated series of 'Splinter Cell' would come to Netflix from the hand of the creator of 'John Wick'

Netflix and Ubisoft are working on an animated series by Splinter Cell , according to Variety . The video game franchise, which during the current generation of consoles was totally absent, is one of the most popular and emblematic of the French company. The aforementioned media also indicates that the content will be the responsibility of Derek Kolstad, one of the creators of the John Wick saga . Neither company has wanted to talk about it. The person in charge of the animated series of Splinter Cell will be Derek Kolstad, one of the creators of John Wick

This is not the first time that an adaptation of SplinterCell has been discussed . In 2012, it was speculated that Tom Hardy would play Sam Fisher in a feature film. However, the project has shown no signs of life since then. It seems that the constant growth of streaming video platforms, both in catalog and in number of users, may be a success for other entertainment industries . In this case, that of video games.

It is curious that Splinter Cell is back as an animated series and not as a video game. Of course, the collaboration with Netflix makes it clear that Ubisoft has not completely forgotten about Sam Fisher ; it’s probably a clue that a new game is on the way. It is undeniable, however, that a production led by Derek Kolstad causes too much illusion. His work in the John Wick movies has been outstanding.

Kolstad is one of the most sought-after Hollywood figures of the moment , especially in films and action series. Without going any further, he recently participated in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , the first series from Marvel Studios for Disney Plus. Getting involved with Splinter Cell will not be his first project related to a video game saga, since he agreed to write the script for the feature film Just Cause , the open world title of Avalanche Studios.

A relationship that is strengthened

Netflix and Ubisoft are strengthening their relationship. In October 2019, The Hollywood Reporter anticipated that both companies are preparing the animated series for Watch Dogs and Far Cry , making Splinter Cell the third to join the ambitious series strategy. But it is not the only production, since The Division would also make the jump to Netflix with a movie, according to Variety itself a year ago. It is possible that they will be confirmed in the coming months.

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